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=== WPGancio ===
Contributors: lesion
Donate link:
Tags: events, gancio
Tags: events, gancio, fediverse, AP, activity pub
Requires at least: 4.7
Tested up to: 5.4
Stable tag: 4.3
Stable tag: 1.0
Requires PHP: 7.0
License: AGPLv3 or later
License URI:
......@@ -13,36 +13,12 @@ Connect a gancio instance to a Wordpress user so that published events are autom
== Description ==
This plugin connects a [Gancio]( instance to a Wordpress website to automatically push events published on Wordpress.
== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= A question that someone might have =
An answer to that question.
= What about foo bar? =
Answer to foo bar dilemma.
== Screenshots ==
1. This screen shot description corresponds to screenshot-1.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif). Note that the screenshot is stored in the /assets directory.
2. This is the second screen shot
It requires an event manager plugin, only [Event Organiser[( is supported but adding another plugin it's an easy task.
== Changelog ==
= 1.0 =
* A change since the previous version.
* Another change.
= 0.5 =
* List versions from most recent at top to oldest at bottom.
== Upgrade Notice ==
= 1.0 =
Upgrade notices describe the reason a user should upgrade. No more than 300 characters.
= 0.5 =
This version fixes a security related bug. Upgrade immediately.
* First release
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