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0.22 is coming...

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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
### 0.22.0
- add admin announcement support (fix #74)
- each instance has a specific timezone you can choose from admin's panel
- refactoring language management (you can choose a default instance's language):
usually UX language is choosen looking at Accepted-Language header but there
are messages not generated from an http request (eg. sending events via AP).
In those cases a default instance's language is choosen (default 'en').
- use lazy loaded images
- better mobile experience for admins
- single day only recurring events
- fix user block in fediverse moderation
- filter and linkify content from fediverse
- add a lot of help strings in admin panel
- use html2text for event description in og: meta
- update deps
- fix a moment.js typo from/to issue
- fix #73
### 0.21.0
- a new recurring events logic (a la taskwarrior):
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