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start with 1.0 changelog

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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
### Unreleased
### 1.0
This release is a complete rewrite of frontend UI and many internals, main changes are:
- Switch UI framework from [element]( to [vuetify](
- Distribute package directly from site instead of using npm registry
- Improve docker setup (run as user, fix some data export)
- New logging system (based on [winston](
- Slugify event URL (keeping old one valid)
- Import events from ics and external website using h-event (microformat) improving [`h-event`]( export
- Hide unconfirmed tags and places
- Clean unused places and tags
- Fix tons of issues
### 0.24.0
- New Euskara language from Basque Country, thanks @hacklabkelo
- fix feed with filters
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