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Translated using Weblate (Polish)

Currently translated at 9.7% (20 of 206 strings)

Translation: Gancio/Website
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"common": {
"add_event": "Dodaj wydarzenie",
"next": "Dalej",
"export": "Eksportuj",
"send": "Wyślij",
"where": "Gdzie",
"address": "Adres",
"when": "Kiedy",
"what": "Co",
"media": "Media",
"login": "Login",
"email": "E-mail",
"password": "Hasło",
"register": "Rejestracja",
"description": "Opis",
"remove": "Usuń",
"hide": "Ukryj",
"search": "Szukaj",
"edit": "Edytuj",
"info": "Informacje",
"confirm": "Potwierdź"
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