Commit f9d5d9c2 authored by Leonardo Schwarz's avatar Leonardo Schwarz

Setup search fields documentation.

parent d9ff902b
......@@ -23,8 +23,9 @@ pub trait SearchField {
macro_rules! define_fields {
( $( $type:ident, $value:ty );* ) => {
( $( $(#[$attr:meta])* f, $type:ident, $value:ty );* ) => {
pub struct $type ( pub $value );
impl SearchField for $type {
......@@ -42,56 +43,65 @@ macro_rules! define_fields {
// be more consistent with the rest of the crate.
// TODO: enums for quality, lang, script, etc
// TODO it's a bit ugly we have f, at the beginning of every line but its a workaround around the
// parsing ambiguity we'd have if we don't.
Alias, String;
AreaId, Mbid;
AreaIso, String;
AreaIso1, String;
AreaIso2, String;
AreaIso3, String;
AreaName, String;
AreaType, full_entities::AreaType;
ArtistCredit, String;
ArtistId, Mbid;
ArtistName, String;
ArtistNameAccent, String;
ArtistType, full_entities::ArtistType;
Asin, String;
Barcode, String;
BeginArea, String;
BeginDate, PartialDate;
CatalogNumber, String;
Comment, String;
Country, String;
CreditName, String;
DataQuality, String;
EndArea, String;
EndDate, PartialDate;
Ended, bool;
Gender, String;
IpiCode, String;
LabelId, String;
Language, String;
MediumCount, u32;
MediumFormat, String;
NumDiscIds, u32;
NumDiscIdsMedium, u32;
NumTracks, u32;
NumTracksMedium, u32;
PrimaryType, full_entities::ReleaseGroupPrimaryType;
ReleaseDate, full_entities::PartialDate;
ReleaseGroupId, Mbid;
ReleaseGroupName, String;
ReleaseGroupNameAccent, String;
ReleaseId, Mbid;
ReleaseName, String;
ReleaseNameAccent, String;
ReleaseNumber, u16;
ReleaseStatus, full_entities::ReleaseStatus;
Script, String;
SecondaryType, String;
SortName, String;
Tag, String
/// Alias of the searched entity's name.
f, Alias, String;
f, AreaId, Mbid;
f, AreaIso, String;
f, AreaIso1, String;
f, AreaIso2, String;
f, AreaIso3, String;
f, AreaName, String;
f, AreaType, full_entities::AreaType;
f, ArtistCredit, String;
f, ArtistId, Mbid;
f, ArtistName, String;
f, ArtistNameAccent, String;
f, ArtistType, full_entities::ArtistType;
f, Asin, String;
/// The barcode of a `Release`.
f, Barcode, String;
f, BeginArea, String;
f, BeginDate, PartialDate;
f, CatalogNumber, String;
f, Comment, String;
f, Country, String;
f, CreditName, String;
f, DataQuality, String;
f, EndArea, String;
f, EndDate, PartialDate;
f, Ended, bool;
/// The gender of an `Artist`.
f, Gender, String;
f, IpiCode, String;
f, LabelId, String;
f, Language, String;
f, MediumCount, u32;
f, MediumFormat, String;
/// The searched entity's name. (TODO implement for all relevant searches)
f, Name, String;
f, NumDiscIds, u32;
f, NumDiscIdsMedium, u32;
f, NumTracks, u32;
f, NumTracksMedium, u32;
f, PrimaryType, full_entities::ReleaseGroupPrimaryType;
f, ReleaseDate, full_entities::PartialDate;
f, ReleaseGroupId, Mbid;
f, ReleaseGroupName, String;
f, ReleaseGroupNameAccent, String;
f, ReleaseId, Mbid;
/// The name of the `Release`, without special accent characters.
f, ReleaseName, String;
/// The name of the `Release`, including special accent characters.
f, ReleaseNameAccent, String;
f, ReleaseNumber, u16;
f, ReleaseStatus, full_entities::ReleaseStatus;
f, Script, String;
f, SecondaryType, String;
f, SortName, String;
f, Tag, String
macro_rules! define_entity_fields {
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