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Ajout de l'exemple de la section 212.2 du manuel

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% everyone:
This is the introduction text. This text is not shown in the
presentation, but will be part of the article.
% In the article, this is a floating figure,
% In the presentation, this figure is shown in the first frame
This text is once more not shown in the presentation.
\section{Main Part}
While this text is not shown in the presentation, the section command
also applies to the presentation.
We can add a subsection that is only part of the article like this:
\subsection<article>{Article-Only Section}
With some more text.
This text is part both of the article and of the presentation.
\item This stuff is also shown in both version.
\item This too.
\only<article>{\item This particular item is only part
of the article version.}
\item<presentation:only@0> This text is also only part of the article.
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