Source code for lwr.xorriso

# live-wrapper - Wrapper for vmdebootstrap for creating live images
# (C) Iain R. Learmonth 2015 <>
# See COPYING for terms of usage, modification and redistribution.
# lwr/ - xorriso helpers

The lwr.xorriso module provides helpers for calling xorriso as part of the
image creation process.

.. note:: This module requires that the vmdebootstrap modules be available in
          the Python path.

import cliapp
from vmdebootstrap.base import runcmd

# pylint: disable=missing-docstring,superfluous-parens

[docs]class Xorriso(object): """ This class acts as a wrapper for ``xorriso`` and allows for the command line arguments passed to be built based on the settings given to the main application. """ def __init__(self, image_output, volume_id, isolinux=True, grub=True): self.image_output = image_output self.volume_id = volume_id self.isolinux = isolinux self.grub = grub self.args = ['xorriso']
[docs] def build_args(self, cdroot): if len(self.args) > 1: cliapp.AppException("Attempted to rebuild xorriso arguments while" "they are already defined!") self.args.extend(['-outdev', self.image_output]) self.args.extend(['-volid', self.volume_id]) self.args.extend(['-map', cdroot, '/']) self.args.extend(['-chmod', '0755', '/', '--']) if self.isolinux: self.args.extend(['-boot_image', 'isolinux', 'dir=/isolinux', '-boot_image', 'isolinux', 'system_area=/usr/lib/ISOLINUX/isohdpfx.bin']) if self.grub: self.args.extend(['-boot_image', 'any', 'next', '-boot_image', 'any', 'efi_path=boot/grub/efi.img', '-boot_image', 'isolinux', 'partition_entry=gpt_basdat' ]) return self.args
[docs] def build_image(self): """ This will call ``xorriso`` with the arguments built. .. note:: :any:`Xorriso.build_args` must have been called before calling :any:`Xorriso.build_image`. .. warning:: The ``xorriso`` binary must be present in the current PATH. """ if len(self.args) == 1: cliapp.AppException("Attempted to run xorriso before building " "arguments!") print(' '.join(self.args)) runcmd(self.args)