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Advanced Topics

Bootloader Customisation

By default, both ISOLINUX (for BIOS boot) and GRUB 2 (for EFI boot) are
installed into the images. A ``loopback.cfg`` file is also installed to allow
for the image to be booted while still an ISO image in a filesystem.

You can pass ``--no-isolinux`` to prevent the installation of ISOLINUX to the
image if you do not want ISOLINUX.

You can pass ``--no-grub`` to prevent the installation of GRUB to the image.

If you do not want GRUB installed but you would still like the ``loopback.cfg``
file to be installed, you can pass ``--grub-loopback-only``.

Using an Alternative Build Directory

Temporary directories are created using the Python standard library functions
for doing so. On Debian systems, this typically means that the directories are
created in ``/tmp``. If this is problematic for you, perhaps due to filesystem
permissions, you can change the path that Python will use to create directories
in by using the ``TMP`` environment variable, for example::

    sudo TMP=/other/path lwr --blah --blah