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      [client] Add bulk edit capability · 24313e37
      sinopsysHK authored
      Feature only available on large devices (hidden on mobile mode).
      Extend Operations toolbar with a Bulk edit option that toggle an editable row in Operations table for Label Type and Category fields.
      Show on each operations rows a selector.
      Either provided values or all can then been set to selected operations at once.
      In addition on the first row, the selector will trigger selecting/deselecting all operations amongs the visible (filtered) ones..
      Further more search can be used at the same time to narrow down the operations list to update.
      Solution taken was to manage the checked status of showing operation set through state that is refreshed on each filtering changes (either reducing either extending the list).
      Buy using "-" as Operation label to set, the update will reset custom
      label of all checked operations.
      - manage update on backend with new API call with the list of operations
      to update
      - cleanup the dependency between OperationComponent/InfiniteList/Items
      to enable standard lifecycle of items.
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      Update weboob minimal version to 2.0 · 8263f134
      Nicolas Frandeboeuf authored
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