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# MTCaptcha
# MTCaptcha2
PeerTube plugin adding [MTCaptcha]( to the signup
Fork of the PeerTube plugin [MTCaptcha]( by [Rigelk](, adding a mini captcha widget to the the signup.
## Read First
This fork fixes some display issues:
This plugin is NOT supported by Framasoft, nor any organisation.
- Keep displaying the widget when the user navigates with the router app
- Keep displaying the widget on all signup steps
- Use more neutral colors (PeerTube grey)
## Screenshots
"name": "peertube-plugin-mtcaptcha2",
"description": "Fork of the PeerTube plugin adding MTCaptcha to the signup",
"description": "PeerTube plugin adding MTCaptcha to signup and using a slim widget, forked from original MTCaptcha plugin by Rigelk",
"version": "0.1.0",
"author": "Ms Kimsible",
"bugs": "",
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