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#: CalcConsommation.php:2
msgid "In order to know the electric consumption (in Watts) of your devices you may"
msgstr "crwdns283:0crwdne283:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:4
msgid "Check on the device's specification sheet or label"
msgstr "crwdns284:0crwdne284:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:5
msgid "You may get a Wattmeter (~10&euro;) that will show you the exact consumption if plugged between power socket and the applience"
msgstr "crwdns285:0crwdne285:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:7
msgid "To calculate the dimensions of an autonomous solar installation, consider that it is wintertime (longer lighting time needed, but the fridge might be unplugged due to low temperature outside...)"
msgstr "crwdns286:0crwdne286:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:9
msgid "First sober example"
msgstr "crwdns287:0crwdne287:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:10
msgid "Second example"
msgstr "crwdns288:0crwdne288:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:15
msgid "Equipment"
msgstr "crwdns289:0crwdne289:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:16
msgid "Power (Watt)"
msgstr "crwdns290:0crwdne290:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:17
msgid "Turn on<br />simultaneously"
msgstr "crwdns291:0crwdne291:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:18
msgid "Number"
msgstr "crwdns292:0crwdne292:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:19
msgid "Daily use time"
msgstr "crwdns293:0crwdne293:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:20
msgid "Automatic consumption<br />calculation"
msgstr "crwdns294:0crwdne294:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:21
msgid "Daily<br />consumption"
msgstr "crwdns295:0crwdne295:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:27 CalcPvAutonome.php:1155
msgid "Your daily electrical needs"
msgstr "crwdns296:0crwdne296:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:28 CalcPvAutonome.php:1160
msgid "Your need in maximum electrical power"
msgstr "crwdns297:0crwdne297:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:28
msgid "Total addition of power required by devices that are likely to be plugged and on at the same time OR consumption of the most power demanding appliance in case it is not plugged simultaneously with the rest"
msgstr "crwdns298:0crwdne298:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:29
msgid "Click here to introduce those values to calculate <br/> the dimension of your autonomous solar installation"
msgstr "crwdns299:0crwdne299:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:31
msgid "Add an empty line"
msgstr "crwdns300:0crwdne300:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:33
msgid "Add a line according to a template..."
msgstr "crwdns301:0crwdne301:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:39
msgid "The models' values are approximate estimations, if you need more precise measurement consider using Wattmeter to determine the exact consumption of each of yours devices"
msgstr "crwdns302:0crwdne302:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:45
msgid "Share / Save this table"
msgstr "crwdns303:0crwdne303:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:64
msgid "Tick all the devices that are likely to be switched on at the same time (for example: Pc, fridge, lightbulb in the livingroom). At the other hand, you might rather want to unplug your Pc when you are using a drill"
msgstr "crwdns304:0crwdne304:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:97
msgid "Ticked: your daily consumption will be estimated automatically<br/>Unticked: you shall specifiy your daily consumption (useful in case your fridge is plugged 24/7 yet it goes on only if room temperature rises"
msgstr "crwdns305:0crwdne305:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:103
msgid "The calculation is: Power (W) * Time (in hours) * Number = Wh/j (Watt Hour Day)"
msgstr "crwdns306:0crwdne306:0"
#: CalcConsommation.php:237
msgid "Copy the internet address below keep it there or share it here..."
msgstr "crwdns307:0crwdne307:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:8
msgid "January"
msgstr "crwdns308:0crwdne308:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:9
msgid "February"
msgstr "crwdns309:0crwdne309:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:10
msgid "March"
msgstr "crwdns310:0crwdne310:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:11
msgid "April"
msgstr "crwdns311:0crwdne311:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:12
msgid "May"
msgstr "crwdns312:0crwdne312:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:13
msgid "June"
msgstr "crwdns313:0crwdne313:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:14
msgid "July"
msgstr "crwdns314:0crwdne314:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:15
msgid "August"
msgstr "crwdns315:0crwdne315:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:16
msgid "September"
msgstr "crwdns316:0crwdne316:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:17
msgid "October"
msgstr "crwdns317:0crwdne317:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:18
msgid "November"
msgstr "crwdns318:0crwdne318:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:19
msgid "December"
msgstr "crwdns319:0crwdne319:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:42
msgid "Daily need is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns320:0crwdne320:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:43
msgid "Maximum power requirement is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns321:0crwdne321:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:45
msgid "Panel's custom power is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns322:0crwdne322:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:46
msgid "Panel's custom open circuit voltage (Vdoc) is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns323:0crwdne323:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:47
msgid "Panel's custom short circuit current (Isc) is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns324:0crwdne324:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:50
msgid "Custom battery voltage is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns325:0crwdne325:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:51
msgid "Custom battery capacity is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns326:0crwdne326:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:59
msgid "Custom charge controller voltage is incorrect because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns327:0crwdne327:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:60
msgid "Custom charge controller power is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns328:0crwdne328:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:61
msgid "Custom charge controller short-circuit current is incorrect because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns329:0crwdne329:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:63
msgid "The autonomous days amount is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns330:0crwdne330:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:64
msgid "Electrical yield of batteries is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns331:0crwdne331:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:65
msgid "Installation electrical efficiency is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns332:0crwdne332:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:66
msgid "Discharge level is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns333:0crwdne333:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:67
msgid "The safety margin Icc of the charge controller is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns334:0crwdne334:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:68
msgid "Panels and charge controller in-between distance is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns335:0crwdne335:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:69
msgid "Batteries and charge controller in-between distance is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns336:0crwdne336:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:70
msgid "Conductor resistivity is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns337:0crwdne337:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:71
msgid "Tolerable voltage drop is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns338:0crwdne338:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:80
msgid "Panels orientation is not correct. "
msgstr "crwdns339:0crwdne339:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:83
msgid "Panels inclination is not correct, it must be between 0 (horizontal) and 90 (vertical)"
msgstr "crwdns340:0crwdne340:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:86
msgid "You must enter latitude and longitude to deduce solar irradiation with a click on the map of the world."
msgstr "crwdns341:0crwdne341:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:100
msgid "Unable to download solar irradiation data from <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"> PVGIS </a>, switch to mode manual or use <a href=\"\"> the previous version </a> of CalcPvAutonome."
msgstr "crwdns342:0crwdne342:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:111
msgid "Incorrect solar irradiation data. The position shown on the map may not be covered by <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"> PVGIS </a>."
msgstr "crwdns343:0crwdne343:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:117
msgid "Average daily radiation is not correct because < 0"
msgstr "crwdns344:0crwdne344:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:121
msgid "Errors in the form prevent you from continuing, please correct :"
msgstr "crwdns345:0crwdne345:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:128
msgid "Result of the dimension calculation"
msgstr "crwdns346:0crwdne346:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:129
msgid "<b>Warning</b>: Results are approximate, it is recommended to doublecheck with sales representative and validate your installation before buying materials."
msgstr "crwdns347:0crwdne347:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:133 CalcPvAutonome.php:991
msgid "Photovoltaic panel"
msgstr "crwdns348:0crwdne348:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:153
msgid "Average sunlight"
msgstr "crwdns349:0crwdne349:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:153
msgid "kWh/m&sup2;/d"
msgstr "crwdns350:0crwdne350:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:180
msgid "Here we are looking for the power (peak, expressed in W) from solar panels to be mounted to fulfill your needs according to your geographical location. The formula is as follow : "
msgstr "crwdns351:0crwdne351:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:181
msgid "Pp = Dn / (Yb X Yi X Rd)"
msgstr "crwdns352:0crwdne352:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:183
msgid "Pp (Wp) : Peak power (goal)"
msgstr "crwdns353:0crwdne353:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:184 CalcPvAutonome.php:366
msgid "Dn (Wh/d) : Daily needs"
msgstr "crwdns354:0crwdne354:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:185
msgid "Yb : electrical yield of batteries"
msgstr "crwdns355:0crwdne355:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:186
msgid "Yi : electrical yield for the remaining installation (charge controller, ...)"
msgstr "crwdns356:0crwdne356:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:187
msgid "Rd : average daily radiation of the worst month in the plane of the panel (kWh/m&sup2;/d)"
msgstr "crwdns357:0crwdne357:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:224
#, php-format
msgid "According to data from <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">PVGIS</a>, the value for the selected location is %s kWh/m&sup2;/d"
msgstr "crwdns358:0%scrwdne358:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:231 CalcPvAutonome.php:371
msgid "In your case, result is"
msgstr "crwdns359:0crwdne359:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:235 CalcPvAutonome.php:374
msgid "Hide the process"
msgstr "crwdns360:0crwdne360:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:236
msgid "Pp"
msgstr "crwdns361:0crwdne361:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:239
msgid "Photovoltaic panels produce electricity from sunlight (solar radiation)."
msgstr "crwdns362:0crwdne362:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:240
#, php-format
msgid "According entered data, <b>%sW</b> of solar panel are required to fulfill your daily needs of %sWh/d."
msgstr "crwdns363:0%scrwdnd363:0%scrwdne363:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:332
#, php-format
msgid "One possibility could be to have <b>%d panel(s)</b> %s of <b>%dW</b> each"
msgstr "crwdns364:0%dcrwdnd364:0%scrwdnd364:0%dcrwdne364:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:332 CalcPvAutonome.php:336
#, php-format
msgid "Specificity of the panel"
msgstr "crwdns365:0crwdne365:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:332 CalcPvAutonome.php:336
#, php-format
msgid "Which extend the unit capacity to %dW"
msgstr "crwdns366:0%dcrwdne366:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:334
#, php-format
msgid "With your personnalized solar panel the hypothesis would be to have <b>%d panel(s)</b> of <b>%dW</b> each, which could raise the plant up to %dW"
msgstr "crwdns367:0%dcrwdnd367:0%dcrwdnd367:0%dcrwdne367:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:336
#, php-format
msgid "With %s selected panel of <b>%dW</b>, one hypothesis would be to have <b>%d of panel(s)</b>"
msgstr "crwdns368:0%scrwdnd368:0%dcrwdnd368:0%dcrwdne368:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:342 CalcPvAutonome.php:1000
msgid "Batterie"
msgstr "crwdns369:0crwdne369:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:344
msgid "We are looking here for the nominal capacity expressed in ampere per hour (Ah, given in <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">C10</a>)"
msgstr "crwdns370:0crwdne370:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:363
msgid "Cap = (Dn x Aut) / (DD x U)"
msgstr "crwdns371:0crwdne371:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:365
msgid "Cap (Ah) : Nominal capacity of batteries (in <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">C10</a>))"
msgstr "crwdns372:0crwdne372:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:367
msgid "Aut: Autonomous days amount (no sun)"
msgstr "crwdns373:0crwdne373:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:368
msgid "DD (%)"
msgstr "crwdns374:0crwdne374:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:368
#, php-format
msgid "With lead batteries, the critical threshold of 50% of discharge mustn't be reached, 20% being ideal"
msgstr "crwdns375:0crwdne375:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:368
msgid "Maximum discharge rate"
msgstr "crwdns376:0crwdne376:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:369
msgid "U (V)"
msgstr "crwdns377:0crwdne377:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:369 CalcPvAutonome.php:1394
msgid "In automatic mode the batteries voltage will be deducted from the panel need <br />From 0 to 500W : 12V<br />From 500 to 1500 W : 24V<br />Above 1500 W : 48V"
msgstr "crwdns378:0crwdne378:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:369 CalcPvAutonome.php:1388
msgid "Final battery plant voltage"
msgstr "crwdns379:0crwdne379:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:375
msgid "Cap"
msgstr "crwdns380:0crwdne380:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:377
#, php-format
msgid "Batteries are used to store electric energy produced by the panels. You will need a battery plant of <b>%d Ah at %d V</b>."
msgstr "crwdns381:0%dcrwdnd381:0%dcrwdne381:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:378
msgid "See, understand the procedure, the calculation"
msgstr "crwdns382:0crwdne382:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:385
#, php-format
msgid "The discharge current of the battery plant must not exceed %d"
msgstr "crwdns383:0%dcrwdne383:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:385 CalcPvAutonome.php:397
#, php-format
msgid "In our case it gives"
msgstr "crwdns384:0crwdne384:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:386
#, php-format
msgid "Yet with a max power need of %dW, the discharge current is"
msgstr "crwdns385:0%dcrwdne385:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:387
#, php-format
msgid "In order to respond to a %dW max power need, you need to increase the battery plant by "
msgstr "crwdns386:0%dcrwdne386:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:397
#, php-format
msgid "The battery plant charging current musn't exceed %d"
msgstr "crwdns387:0%dcrwdne387:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:398
#, php-format
msgid "Yet with %dW panels the charge current is"
msgstr "crwdns388:0%dcrwdne388:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:399
#, php-format
msgid "If your charge controller allows it you can limit it or increase your battery plant to"
msgstr "crwdns389:0crwdne389:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:401
msgid "We will state to increase the battery plant"
msgstr "crwdns390:0crwdne390:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:494
#, php-format
msgid "A wiring hypothesis would be to have <b>%d></b> <b>%s</b> type batteries, which increases the plant capacity up to %dAh"
msgstr "crwdns391:0%dcrwdnd391:0%scrwdnd391:0%dcrwdne391:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:496
#, php-format
msgid "You chose to use custom %dAh at %dV battery. Here is a wiring hypothesis with <b>%d</b> of these batteries which raise the plant capacity to %dAh"
msgstr "crwdns392:0%dcrwdnd392:0%dcrwdnd392:0%dcrwdnd392:0%dcrwdne392:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:498
#, php-format
msgid "You chose to use <b>%s</b> type batteries. Here is a wiring hypothesis with <b>%d</b> of these batteries which raise the plant capacity to %dAh"
msgstr "crwdns393:0%scrwdnd393:0%dcrwdnd393:0%dcrwdne393:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:500
msgid "serialized batteries"
msgstr "crwdns394:0crwdne394:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:500 CalcPvAutonome.php:589 CalcPvAutonome.php:597
msgid "Battery voltage"
msgstr "crwdns395:0crwdne395:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:500
msgid "serie(s)"
msgstr "crwdns396:0crwdne396:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:500
msgid "for a voltage of"
msgstr "crwdns397:0crwdne397:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:502
msgid "on"
msgstr "crwdns398:0crwdne398:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:502
msgid "parallel(s)"
msgstr "crwdns399:0crwdne399:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:502
msgid "Battery capacity"
msgstr "crwdns400:0crwdne400:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:502
msgid "for a capacity of"
msgstr "crwdns401:0crwdne401:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:504
msgid "(<a rel=\"tooltip\" class=\"bulles\" target=\"_blank\" title=\"To understand the battery connection click here\" href=\"\">?</a>)"
msgstr "crwdns402:0crwdne402:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:506
msgid "Sorry we failed to make a wiring hypothesis for the batteries"
msgstr "crwdns403:0crwdne403:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:508
msgid "We advice you to switch back to automatic mode, a wiring isn't wise with this model"
msgstr "crwdns404:0crwdne404:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:516 CalcPvAutonome.php:1004 CalcPvAutonome.php:1007
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:1454
msgid "Charge controller"
msgstr "crwdns405:0crwdne405:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:517
msgid "The charge controller stands between batteries and panels, its role is to handle batteries charge depending on what the panels can provide"
msgstr "crwdns406:0crwdne406:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:571
msgid "Sorry, unable to establish a panel/charge controller wiring hypothesis"
msgstr "crwdns407:0crwdne407:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:573
msgid "We recommend to switch charge controller and/or panels to automatic mode"
msgstr "crwdns408:0crwdne408:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:578
#, php-format
msgid "Warning : for this hypothesis we switched to %d panels"
msgstr "crwdns409:0%dcrwdne409:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:581
msgid "With your custom charge controller, a"
msgstr "crwdns410:0crwdne410:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:583
#, php-format
msgid "You force the %s charge controller selection, a"
msgstr "crwdns411:0%scrwdne411:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:585
msgid "A"
msgstr "crwdns412:0crwdne412:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:588
#, php-format
msgid "hypothesis would be to have <b>%d %s type charge controller</b>"
msgstr "crwdns413:0%dcrwdnd413:0%scrwdne413:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:589 CalcPvAutonome.php:597
msgid "With similar characteristics"
msgstr "crwdns414:0crwdne414:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:589 CalcPvAutonome.php:597 CalcPvAutonome.php:1481
msgid "Maximum power panel"
msgstr "crwdns415:0crwdne415:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:589 CalcPvAutonome.php:597
msgid "Open circuit voltage panel"
msgstr "crwdns416:0crwdne416:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:589 CalcPvAutonome.php:597
msgid "Current short circuit"
msgstr "crwdns417:0crwdne417:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:590
#, php-format
msgid "and on each connect serialized <b>%d panel(s) "
msgstr "crwdns418:0%dcrwdne418:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:592 CalcPvAutonome.php:604
#, php-format
msgid " on %d parallel(s)"
msgstr "crwdns419:0%dcrwdne419:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:596
#, php-format
msgid "wiring hypothesis would be to have a <b>%s type charge controller</b>"
msgstr "crwdns420:0%scrwdne420:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:598
msgid "on which would be connected "
msgstr "crwdns421:0crwdne421:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:600
msgid "panel"
msgstr "crwdns422:0crwdne422:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:602 CalcPvAutonome.php:617
#, php-format
msgid "serialized panels"
msgstr "crwdns423:0crwdne423:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:612
#, php-format
msgid "A type %s charge controller, with a <b>%dV</b> battery plant, allows : "
msgstr "crwdns424:0%scrwdnd424:0%dcrwdne424:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:614
#, php-format
msgid "<b>%dW</b> max panel power : "
msgstr "crwdns425:0%dcrwdne425:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:615
#, php-format
msgid "With a total of %d %dW panel(s), we reach <b>%dW</b>"
msgstr "crwdns426:0%dcrwdnd426:0%dcrwdnd426:0%dcrwdne426:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:615
#, php-format
msgid "panel(s)"
msgstr "crwdns427:0crwdne427:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:616
#, php-format
msgid "<b>%dV</b> max PV voltage of open circuit : "
msgstr "crwdns428:0%dcrwdne428:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:617
#, php-format
msgid "With %d serialized panel(s) of %dV of (Vdoc) voltage, we reach <b>%dV</b>"
msgstr "crwdns429:0%dcrwdnd429:0%dcrwdnd429:0%dcrwdne429:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:618
#, php-format
msgid "<b>%dA</b> max PV short-circuit current :"
msgstr "crwdns430:0%dcrwdne430:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:619
#, php-format
msgid "With %d parallel panel(s) having %dA intensity (Isc) and a %d%% security margin, we reach <b>%dA</b>"
msgstr "crwdns431:0%dcrwdnd431:0%dcrwdnd431:0%dcrwdnd431:0%%crwdnd431:0%dcrwdne431:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:619
#, php-format
msgid "parallel panel(s)"
msgstr "crwdns432:0crwdne432:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:621
msgid "Note: serialization multiplies voltage (V) and paralleling multiplies the intensity (I)"
msgstr "crwdns433:0crwdne433:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:622
msgid "All these characteristics are available in the product's technical sheet. You can customize your charge controller characteristics in <i>Export</i> mode."
msgstr "crwdns434:0crwdne434:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:623 CalcPvAutonome.php:714
#, php-format
msgid "Hide process"
msgstr "crwdns435:0crwdne435:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:626
msgid "See, understand the process"
msgstr "crwdns436:0crwdne436:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:629
msgid "Cable diagram"
msgstr "crwdns438:0crwdne438:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:633
msgid "Some wiring hypothesis did not succeed, it is not possible to submit a wiring diagram"
msgstr "crwdns439:0crwdne439:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:650
msgid "A wiring diagram was established according to panel/charge controller/battery hypothesis :"
msgstr "crwdns440:0crwdne440:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:657 CalcPvAutonome.php:1012
#, php-format
msgid "Panel string boxe"
msgstr "crwdns903:0crwdne903:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:658
msgid "Beyond 2 string, it is strongly recommended to install a panel string boxe. Panel string boxe is collect DC power from panel strings with blocking diodes on each string for protecting panels from reverse current flow. The collected power is then transferred to charge controller."
msgstr "crwdns904:0crwdne904:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:662 CalcPvAutonome.php:1022 CalcPvAutonome.php:1026
msgid "Converter"
msgstr "crwdns441:0crwdne441:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:664
#, php-format
msgid "The converter goal is to transform batteries DC current (here %dV) in AC current usable for standard devices. You need a converter able to deliver the %dW max electric power you need"
msgstr "crwdns442:0%dcrwdnd442:0%dcrwdne442:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:668
msgid "Sorry, could'nt find a converter for such power"
msgstr "crwdns443:0crwdne443:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:673
#, php-format
msgid "An hypothesis would be to choose a <b>%s type converter</b> that goes up to %dW max power with possible peaks at %dW."
msgstr "crwdns444:0%scrwdnd444:0%dcrwdnd444:0%dcrwdne444:0"
#: CalcPvAutonome.php:675
#, php-format
msgid "However, in order to avoid battery damage, you won't be able to go above %dW"
msgstr "crwdns445:0%dcrwdne445:0"