Commit f7d21015 authored by Julien Michel's avatar Julien Michel
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STY: Remove debug print

parent 1d410570
......@@ -171,7 +171,6 @@ class SRTM:
np_arr_height = dst_dem[0, :, :].astype(dtype)
np_arr_slope = dst_dem[1, :, :].astype(dtype)
np_arr_aspect = dst_dem[2, :, :].astype(dtype)
print(np_arr_height.shape, dst_size_x, dst_size_y)
xcoords = np.arange(bounds.left, bounds.right, resolution)
ycoords = np.arange(, bounds.bottom, -resolution)
return (np_arr_height, np_arr_slope, np_arr_aspect, xcoords, ycoords,
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