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Add .janitor.json configuration file.

This sets up Kresus' project workflows on
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"name": "Kresus",
"description": "Kresus is an open-source libre self-hosted personal finance manager.",
"icon": "",
"docker": {
"image": "bnjbvr/kresus-janitor"
"ports": {
"22": {
"label": "SSH",
"proxy": "none"
"9876": {
"label": "Preview",
"proxy": "https",
"preview": true
"8088": {
"label": "VNC",
"proxy": "https"
"8089": {
"label": "Cloud9",
"proxy": "https"
"scripts": {
"Run Kresus": "npm start",
"Build all": "make build",
"Build continuously": "make dev",
"Run tests": "make check",
"Send to code review": "hub pull-request"
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