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The Trademark-based contract for OSS maintainers is accessible in a reader-friendly format at
The purpose of this Trademark-based contract for OSS maintainers is to ensure a fair remuneration to the maintainers of free and open-source solutions through a Trademark policy.
To do so, it first assumes that such project registers its name and/or visual identity as a trademark.
Then, the project's source code remains available under the free license chosen by the project, but the use of the name or visual identity is now governed by the maintainer contract, which stipulates that the right to use the project's brand in the course of business is subject to the payment of a sum equivalent to 1% of the turnover generated by the applicant's use of the project and its brand in the course of business.
The HTML pages are generated thanks to the work of the nice folks at .
This project is open to contributions at any level: you will find the markdown sources in the [docs](docs) folder. It is licenced under a CC0 licence and has a standard code of conduct inspired by the Contributor Covenant, version 1.4. You'll find all the details here: [How to Contribute](
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