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As usual, Redhopper looks for a **built-in concept**, "blocks" relations, to mark a kanban as blocked, and links to the blocking issue (highlighted in yellow).
Besides the built-in blocking system, Redhopper adds the notion of **self-blocked issue**. An issue can be marked as blocked by its last comment, really useful when one just want to ask for a confirmation before completing a task for instance.
## What's next?
We've got tons of ideas, like :
* Setting **WIP limits** and highlighting broken limits ;
* Filtering issues with *saved queries* ;
* Defining and displaying **definitions of done** ;
* Stacked status for parallel or alternative operations…
### How to contribute?
As we're not making a living out of this plugin, so we improve it when we have some time to spare. Licensed under the [AGPLv3 terms](LICENSE.txt), code contributions are welcomed! Get in touch through [GitLab]( or [e-mail]( to discuss it.
**Code isn't the only valuable contribution**. Feedbacks, issues, translations, user guides… Just step in and enjoy the free software way of building great commons.
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