1. 30 Oct, 2018 5 commits
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      Merge branch 'i246' into 'master' · 34b1fd9b
      rgaudin authored
      Support Proxy Settings
      See merge request ideascube/pibox-installer!53
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      Use the main ideascube catalog URL as test URL · 97301b3a
      rgaudin authored
      - Testing URL is required to be working for Kiwix Hotspot to function
      - Safer as previous URL (favicon) might be removed
      - Kiwx Hotspot unusable anyway if this new file is not available
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      Updated CHANGELOG · 8c61eff4
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      Merge branch 'master' into i246 · 26f5b3c6
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      Using an offline copy of the YAML catalog in Qemu · 3a3d2972
      rgaudin authored
      - copy parsed YAML_CATALOGS to QEMU (/home/pi/catalog_xxx.yml) during setup step
      - using those files via file:// URLs in move-content steps
      Qemu stages should now be 100% offline.
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      Proxy Settings UI · ecc49d3b
      rgaudin authored
      - Menu Entry to read/set proxies configuration
      - Reset Proxy button empties and saves the proxies conf (direct connection)
      - Save button records the supplied settings and uses them. No check on validity.
      - Test buttin tests the supplied proxies settings over HTTP and HTTPS and provides feedback
      - Run installation main button stops and raises an error message if test_connection() fails.
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      Use a proxies configuration for downloads · b496b52f
      rgaudin authored
      - introduced a preferences JSON file (stored in homedir) via get_prefs() and save_prefs()
      - preferences can contain HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY values
      - introduced a proxies variable via get_proxies()
      - proxies conf has "http" and "https" keys.
      those replicates the preference ones and contains full proxy URI: http://username:pass@server:port
      - preferences and proxies are read on startup
      - when present, proxies are superseeded by environment variables (HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY)
      - proxy URI in prefs file or env can be socks:// (useful for tests using SSH)
      - test_connection() tests one HTTP and one HTTPS URLs
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      Issue #246: moved catalogs download out of imports · 4bd7df19
      rgaudin authored
      - YAML_CATALOGS replaced by get_catalogs() (cached)
      - UI starts without catalogs
      - catalogs downloaded asynchronously on startup
      - catalogs checked or attempted to download on ZIM Select button click: raise error if failed
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      Updated master (less logs) · 1d5d9fbe
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      Fixed #241: Added a Cache Folder management tool · 8832c2af
      rgaudin authored
      - command line tools:
      	- kiwix-hotspot cache --build-dir . show
      		list all files in cache, showing which ones are to be kept (latest version)
      	- kiwix-hotspot cache --build-dir . clean
      		remove all obsolete (non latest or alien) files from cache
      	- kiwix-hotspot cache --build-dir . reset
      		removes the cache folder completely (option to keep latest master)
      - GUI interface
      	- Clean button appearing next to build-folder selector when build-dir is set
      	- Opens a popup displaying usage and offering Clean or Reset (no option) actions
      	- Async, cancellable actions
      	- Displays new disk usage and free space after operation completed