1. 25 Nov, 2019 1 commit
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      Fixed internet connectivity detection · 55562cc6
      rgaudin authored
      testing internet connectivity through connection test to
      instead of www.google.com:80
      In case internet is actually not present, previous test would fail (indicating connectio OK)
      after receiving captive portal response from HTTP due to DNSmasq.
      New test would not be spoofed and is thus more reliable
  2. 06 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      Fixed #193 and #200: Changed Captive Portal behavior · f0551177
      rgaudin authored
      - Captive portal has been slightly redisgned as a low-end Onboarding
      - Connectivity is checked
      - DNS is spoofed if we have no connectivity otherwise not
      - Default nginx server (not ideascube hostname) is the portal
      - When spoofing, wrong URIs go to default nginx
      - When not spoofing, iptables redirects to default nginx (IP)
      - Idle for capture is set to 15mn (was 5mn)
      - Supports different modes (Offline, Gateway, Extended, Resource -- see #193)
      - New master integrating those changes