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      Issue #214: Improve SD card writing · c892639b
      rgaudin authored
      - add a delay after diskpart to prevent Bad file descriptor error
      - speed up process by writing chunks of 25MiB
      - properly close device and image on error
      - additional logging
      - fixed SD challenge offset
      - copy is properly cancellable
      - dont consider failed-to-write as a complete failure (use success image name)
      - in case of failure to write, invite user to use Etcher via File menu entry
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      Loop device permission (mode) change on Linux · 7f65944e
      rgaudin authored
      On Linux, loop-device setup, mount, unmount and removal is done in userspace thanks to udisks2.
      Now that we format the third partition on the host (before copying large files into it),
      we need to have the permission to mkfs on the loop device.
      At this step, the following now applies:
      	check wether we can write on loop device (Sys requirements advises user to be member of the `disk` group)
      	change mode if we can't (requesting elevation)
      	restore mode after we've formatted (requesting elevation – usually before previous elevation expiration)
      Additionaly, to prevent unexpected request for elevation at the format step (usually 30-90mn into the process), on startup:
      	attempt to guess loop device path on start. This might fail or be wrong (another app uses the guessed loop before the format step) but that should be rare.
      	change mode of guessed loop device (along with SD card, so a single request right on startup)
      	restore mode at end of process (along with SD card)
      	if we could not properly guess, elevation will be requested at format step.
      Also enforcing usage of logger everywhere (subprocess calls for mount) as missing logger leads to painful diagnostics
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      Add support for EduPi resources · 9f4f9639
      rgaudin authored
      	In ansible through edupi_has_resources variable (bool)
      	In backend via a fake-content shortcut
      	In process stage, by extracting the supplied file into the mount point
      	In move-content, by calling import-from-folder
      	supports both a URL and a File path.
      	supports CLI via --edupi-resources
      	supports GUI via 2 inputs (URL or FileChooser). URL superseeds local file.
      	supports config saving/loading
  10. 02 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      updated run_installation() for the two stages behavior · a61f940d
      rgaudin authored
      	added sysreq check at the beginning
      	replaced raspbian download with master download using contents.json
      	extract master image using helper
      	create the content collection (all downloads and callbacks)
      	download all contents into the cache (so it fails/succeeds early)
      	run ansiblecube's phase_one (resize,rename,reconfigure)
      	mount the image's third partition on the host
      	run the collection's callbacks on the host (copy/extract contents)
      	unmount the partition from the host
      	run ansiblecube's phase_two (move-content,seal)
      	write to SD-card if required (unchanged)
      	revert chmod on SD-card device (macos, linux)
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      Force the lang of ideascube. · 104747a7
      Matthieu Gautier authored
      `LANGUAGE_CODE` is the default language of ideascube if nothing else is
      asking for a specific language.
      As the `accepted-language` http-header is a ask for a specific language,
      it seems that most of the time, the `LANGUAGE_CODE` is useless.
      By enabling only the wanted language we will force ideascube to use the
      language we want.
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      use file chooser · 4d091bd2
      thiolliere authored
      (on travis we use temporary thiolliere pyinstaller repo. for macos)
      code refactor:
      download is no longer needed as we only download one file (it was useful
      when we were also downloading vexpress boot)
      a file chooser button ask for build directory
      an image with extensio building.img is created
      extension is changed to error.img or .img at the end of the process.
      we do not delete the file even on sd card installation.
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