Commit 6330aa98 authored by rgaudin's avatar rgaudin
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Fixed selection of content in non-kiwix catalog

parent 608a6b19
......@@ -177,6 +177,7 @@ def get_package_content(package_id):
package = catalog['all'][package_id]
package.update({'ext': "zip"
if package['type'] != 'zim' else "zim"})
package.update({'langid': package.get('langid') or package_id})
return {
"url": package['url'],
"name": "package_{langid}-{version}.{ext}".format(**package),
......@@ -186,13 +187,14 @@ def get_package_content(package_id):
"expanded_size": package['size'] * 1.1
if package['type'] != 'zim' else package['size'],
except IndexError:
except KeyError:
def get_packages_contents(packages=[]):
''' ideacube: ZIM file or ZIP file for each package '''
return [get_package_content(package) for package in packages]
return [get_package_content(package) for package in packages
if get_package_content(package) is not None]
def extract_and_move(content, cache_folder, root_path, final_path, logger):
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