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Added raspberryPi version to http://version.<fqdn>

- script parsed /proc/cpuinfo and /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model
- replace a string in version.html (static)
- script launched on @reboot
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* Added raspberryPi version to version.<fqdn> page
* Speed up improvements for Wikifundi
* Updated kiwix-serve to 0.9.0
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import re
def get_pi_version():
""" return a dict with raspi version info """
names = {
"0002": "(Model B Rev 1, 256MB)",
"0003": "(Model B Rev 1, ECN0001 (no fuses, D14 removed), 256MB)",
"0004": "(Model B Rev 2, 256MB)",
"0005": "(Model B Rev 2, 256MB)",
"0006": "(Model B Rev 2, 256MB)",
"0007": "(Model A, 256MB)",
"0008": "(Model A, 256MB)",
"0009": "(Model A, 256MB)",
"000d": "(Model B Rev 2, 512MB)",
"000e": "(Model B Rev 2, 512MB)",
"000f": "(Model B Rev 2, 512MB)",
"0010": "(Model B+, 512MB)",
"0013": "(Model B+, 512MB)",
"900032": "(Model B+, 512MB)",
"0011": "(Compute Module, 512MB)",
"0014": "(Compute Module, (Embest, China), 512MB)",
"0012": "(Model A+, 256MB)",
# "0015": "(Model A+, (Embest, China), 256MB)",
"0015": "(Model A+, (Embest, China), 512MB)",
# "a01041": "(Pi 2 Model B v1.1, (Sony, UK), 1GB)",
"a01041": "(Pi 2 Model B v1.1, (Embest, China), 1GB)",
"a22042": "(Pi 2 Model B v1.2, (Sony, UK), 1GB)",
"900092": "(Pi Zero v1.2, 512MB)",
"900093": "(Pi Zero v1.3, 512MB)",
"9000C1": "(Pi Zero W, 512MB)",
"a02082": "(Pi 3 Model B, (Sony, UK), 1GB)",
"a22082": "(Pi 3 Model B, (Embest, China), 1GB)",
"a020d3": "(Pi 3 Model B+, (Sony, UK), 1GB)",
def _get_revision():
with open("/proc/cpuinfo", "r") as fp:
return (
[l for l in fp.readlines() if l.startswith("Revision")][-1]
except Exception:
return None
def _get_model():
with open("/sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model", "r") as fp:
except Exception:
return None
revision = _get_revision()
return {"revision": revision, "name": names.get(revision), "model": _get_model()}
def get_string(revision, name, model, as_html=False):
""" a single line version string for humans from the details """
if revision is None and model is None:
return "Unknown (not Pi?)"
if revision is None and model:
return model
if as_html:
revision_string = "<code>{revision}</code> / {name}".format(
revision=revision, name=name
revision_string = "{revision} / {name}".format(revision=revision, name=name)
if model is None and revision:
return revision_string
return "{model} / {revision_string}".format(
model=model, revision_string=revision_string
def update_version_file(version_string, fpath="/var/www/version.html"):
with open(fpath, "r") as fp:
lines = fp.readlines()
for index, line in enumerate(lines):
if 'id="device"' in line:
lines[index] = re.sub(
r'<h3 id="device">(.*)</h3>',
'<h3 id="device">{}</h3>'.format(version_string),
with open(fpath, "w") as fp:
if __name__ == "__main__":
version_string = get_string(**get_pi_version(), as_html=True)
......@@ -26,6 +26,21 @@
dest: /var/www/version.html
tags: ['master', 'rename']
- name: install version rewriter script
dest: /usr/local/bin/
mode: 0755
tags: master
- name: add version rewriter script to startup
name: "Check raspberryPi version on boot"
special_time: reboot
job: "/usr/local/bin/"
state: present
tags: master
- name: Remove default nginx vhost config file (if configured).
path: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default
......@@ -27,7 +27,8 @@
<div class="content">
<h2>This Hotspot is running <em>Kiwix Hotspot <code>{{ ansible_local.config.installer_version }}</code></em></h2>
<h2>Kiwix Hotspot <code>{{ ansible_local.config.installer_version }}</code></h2>
<h3 id="device">Unknown device</h3>
<p>Please, <a href="http://{{ fqdn }}">go back home</a> to continue.</p>
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