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	.gitignore to include temporary files for building on all platforms
	CHANGELOG to reflect v2 changes updated (ansiblecube, image creation) has been replaced by a template in ansiblecube
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......@@ -4,3 +4,18 @@ build
* Added Online FAQ
* Fixed Ctrl^C handling
* Kiwix-serve 0.6.0
* System requirements check at start of process
* Overall and per-stage Progress Indicator
* Ideascube home now displays ZIM icons
* Default placeholders for failed services (HTTP 502)
* Default placeholders on non-installed softwares
* Master image now contains all software in root (no network usage in qemu)
* Friendlier cli arguments handling
* Devices permissions restored at the end of the process (Linux, macOS)
* Bundled imdisk (image file mounter) on Windows
* Bundled Exfat support in vexpress (QEMU) kernel and as a kernel module on image
* Using GB (decimal) sizes for disk/images/partitions and GiB (binary) for contents
* Updated ideacube with ZIM move instead of copy and skip-sha256
* Better size estimations for content
* Updated to KA-Lite 0.17.4
* Kiwix-serve doesn't use library.xml anymore (metadata retrieved from zim: better http://kiwix.FQDN)
* Large contents are extracted directly into mounted partition
* Downloads are slighty more reliable (retried with increasing delays)
* Large files are downloaded into a cache and retrieved from it
* Large content files listed in a JSON file with details
* Large content file downloaded in pibox-installer
* Captive portal now available in English and French
* Catalogs now defined only in pibox and passwd to ansiblecube
* Documentation to setup an online demo of pibox images
* CLI params and JSON export/import now uses human-readble sizes (still supports bytes)
* Using latest ansible (2.5.4)
* Major ansiblecube clean-up
* Large files all using Kiwix mirror (
* Fixed hostname issues
* fixed Edupi
* Fixed KA-Lite videos
* Increased Wikifundi uploads to 5M
* resize of partitions now in ansiblecube
* removed all outdated steps
* Anisblecube now integrated in pibox
* Better QEMU usage:
* updated to latest qemu (2.12.0)
* using no deprecated parameter
* assigning an N-1 cores to Qemu based on number of cores available
* Base Image contains a system partition and a dedicated ExFAT data partition
* Can now create base image using `pibox-installer image`
* Now using own custom base image
* Updated to raspbian 2018-04-19 (stretch)
* FIXED: language and timezone not set on external JSON config import
* Presets in the repo for common images
* FIXED: using a free-only catalog
......@@ -22,8 +22,6 @@ presentation of the projet at Potsdam [Slides](
## CLI usage
note: CLI is currently not packaged, you have to run it from source
run cli mode: `pibox-installer cli`
show help: `pibox-installer cli -h`
......@@ -41,7 +39,6 @@ install dependencies:
* [pygobject](
on Windows you can also install it using [pygi-aio](
* [pibox-installer-vexpress-boot]( unzip in the directory
* [ansiblecube]( branch oneUpdateFile0.4, rename the directory to ansiblecube
create a virtual a virtual environment that includes pygobject: `python3 -m venv --system-site-packages my_venv`
......@@ -52,7 +49,7 @@ install pip dependencies: `pip3 install -r requirements-PLATFORM.txt`
run GUI application: `python3 pibox-installer`
run CLI application: `python3 pibox-installer/`
run CLI application: `python3 pibox-installer cli`
## Build pibox-installer-vexpress-boot
......@@ -63,6 +60,23 @@ requirements: `gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf`, `bc` and `zip`
run: `python3 make-vexpress-boot`
## Build pibox base image
pibox-installer uses a custom base image based off raspbian-lite with the following modifications (not exhaustive):
* `2018-04-19-raspbian-jessie-lite`
* SSH enabled
* 7GB `/` partition (ext4)
* 1GB `/data` partition (extfat)
* ansiblecube deployed: `nginx`, `ideascube`, `kiwix-serve`, etc.
Should you want to build the base image:
``` sh
pibox-installer image --root 7 --size 8 --out my-base.img
## Package pibox-installer
see [appveyor.yml](appveyor.yml) for windows and [.travis.yml](.travis.yml) for mac and linux
from .base import * # pragma: no flakes
from tzlocal import get_localzone
ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['.koombook.lan', 'localhost', '']
TIME_ZONE = get_localzone().zone
DOMAIN = 'koombook.lan'
STAFF_HOME_CARDS = [c for c in STAFF_HOME_CARDS # pragma: no flakes
if c['url'] in ['user_list', 'server:settings']]
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