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Fixed #85: updated CHANGELOG according to commit history

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pibox-installer (0.1) unstable; urgency=low
* FIXED #11: travis ubuntu image (deprecated config)
* FIXED: macOS dylib issue
* FIXED: macOS code signing issue
* Switched from vexpress-a9 to vexpress-a15 Qemu machine emulation
* Updated Qemu to 2.10.1
* Improved Qemu options (2 vCPU, 2GB RAM, multi-thread)
* Added option to set own-branding CSS
* Force Qemu to poweroff once done
* Initial release.
* Get ansible play-book from framagit repository instead of thiolliere one
-- Guillaume Thiolliere <> Thu Jul 13 16:49:00 CEST 2017
* FIXED #123: ideascude config file (syntax error again)
* FIXED #119: crash due to missing GTK id in glade
* FIXED: ideascude config file (syntax error)
* Set version to 0.1
* Update ideascube config file with selected language
* Added 10s sleep before connecting using SSH
* Enforce password login for SSH to qemu
* Added option to customize ideascube admin account
* FIXED #114: Use raspbian image from
* Set GUI version to nightly
* Set Qemu timeout to 10mn (needed for shutdown)
* Nightly release script
* Set GUI version to 0.1
* Additional logs
* Minor UI fixes (favicon, typo)
* FIXED #102: fixed remote dir for qemu transfer
* FIXED #106: crash if options not set
* Updated CLI: can now specify SD-card to write onto
* Added input check to CLI languages argument
* Added Wikifundi sizes
* Added required space for Edupi and Aflatoun to GUI
* CLI compares total size with SD size
* Updated cli to support all GUI options
* Auto-retries until Qemu receives raspbian login prompt (or timeout)
* Qemu timeout set to 5mn
* Minor Bug fixes
* Added Abort Dialog
* Added Wikifundi
* Cleaned devices names (removed \x00)
* Added EDUPI
* Added Aflatoun
* Added languages option
* Added rebranding option
* Updated cli to support all GUI options
* Kalite languages reordered in alpha order
* Minor GUI fixes (double click to choose ZIM)
* Fixes to ansiblecube
* Ansibled now packaged in binary
* Updated ansible to oneUpdateFile0.4
* Set version to 0.0.4
* Minor Bug fixes
* FIXED: build issue for commits with multiple tags
* Double size of ZIM in GUI to account for ZIP extraction
* Better README
* Added Quit menu item in menu bar
* Added About Dialog
* Added File Chooser for build directory
* Added ideascube config file
* Minor UI improvements & fixes
* Use branch oneUpdateFile0.2 of Ansiblecube
* Raspbian image's ZIP file extracted directly to build dir
* Qemu timeout now set to 30mn instead of 10
* Added constraints to custom hostname (ASCII, digits, -)
* Added constraints to SSID (ASCII, digits, max 31 chars)
* Added size estimates for kalite in GUI
* Allowed builds off release candidates tags
* FIXED: win64 build name issue
* FIXED #80: crash on OSX due to `echo`
* FIXED: macOS build as a single directory
* FIXED: arguments for cli SD card output
* FIXED: macOS code signing
* Use older pyinstaller version to accomodate pygobject
* Sign macOS build with Wikimedia CH certificate
* NEW: Initial release.
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