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    updated build and CI rules · d2622d62
    rgaudin authored
    	added a .gitlab-ci.yml file to run the master image creation on gitlab (requires 5h timeout)
    	updated .travis.yml
    		included tests for now-bundled ansiblecube
    		removed ansiblecube download/extraction
    		using a newwer static qemu instead of compiling it (save time & failures)
    		added download and compilation of XZ for linux (build-machine's version is too old. See #176)
    	updated appveyor.yml:
    		compiling on x64 before x86 (not important)
    		removed ansiblecube download/extraction
    		updated qemu to latest version
    		added 7z (new dependency to extract content files onto data partition)
    		added imdisk (new dependency to mount data partition)
    	updated pibox-installer-win[32|64].spec
    		simplified bundling of qemu
    		removed deleted pibox_ideascube_conf.py
    		added contents.json
    		added imdisk and 7z dependencies
    		added imports for the new image parameter
    		added psutil, used to get number of cpu/cores
    		added humanfriendly, used to parse and format sizes
    		added requests, used to download files