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    bundle ansiblecube inside pibox-installer · ce0b55e5
    rgaudin authored
    ansiblecube eventually grew into a direct dependency of pibox-installer.
    there is no reason to keep it as a separate project.
    Design around a three phases installation:
    1. image creation: --tags master,rename,setup
    	prepares the system and its dependencies
    	create an exfat partition to hold contents
    	install softwares for all projects but no content.
    	expects content data to be placed into /data (exfat partition)
    2. image configuration: --tags resize,rename,reconfigure
    	resize the data partition to use the image's new size
    	change domain names according to config file
    	configure each software according to the image config file
    3. content finalization: --tags move-content,seal
    	move content to their final location
    	run software configurations based on the content
    	any image finalization
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