Commit ce9f5e48 authored by Matthieu Gautier's avatar Matthieu Gautier

Do some cosmetics on radio show.

Related to #40.
parent 76f0697a
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ class ContentForm(forms.ModelForm):
model = ListenerMessage
widgets = {
"author": forms.HiddenInput,
"published_at": forms.DateInput(format='%Y-%m-%d'),
"published_at": forms.DateInput(format='%d-%m-%Y'),
"lang": LangSelect,
"summary": RichTextEntry,
"text": RichTextEntry(with_media=True)
......@@ -13,17 +13,17 @@ class ListenerMessage(Content):
class RadioShow(Document):
('healthcare', _('Access to health care.')),
('education', _('Access and quality of education.')),
('environment', _('Respect and protection of the environment, ecotourism.')),
('agriculture', _('Production and agricultural consumption.')),
('water_energy', _('Access and management of water and energy.')),
('women_rights', _("Women's rights.")),
('civil_rights', _('Participatory management and civil rights.')),
('youth', _('Youth and perspectives.')),
('culture', _('Arts, culture and heritage.')),
('migration', _('Migration and integration.')),
('media_local', _('Impact of new media on local communication.')),
('healthcare', _('Access to health care')),
('education', _('Access and quality of education')),
('environment', _('Respect and protection of the environment, ecotourism')),
('agriculture', _('Production and agricultural consumption')),
('water_energy', _('Access and management of water and energy')),
('women_rights', _("Women's rights")),
('civil_rights', _('Participatory management and civil rights')),
('youth', _('Youth and perspectives')),
('culture', _('Arts, culture and heritage')),
('migration', _('Migration and integration')),
('media_local', _('Impact of new media on local communication')),
('misc', _('Miscellaneous'))
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