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Commit fdf920b3 by Mike Macgirvin

Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

Master See merge request !1218
parents dffd82cb 9840d1ce
......@@ -6545,7 +6545,7 @@ msgstr "Homepage del progetto"
#: ../../Zotlabs/Module/Siteinfo.php:32
msgid "Developer homepage"
msgstr "Homepege dello sviluppatore"
msgstr "Homepage dello sviluppatore"
#: ../../Zotlabs/Module/Ratings.php:70
msgid "No ratings"
......@@ -1393,7 +1393,7 @@ App::$strings["This site is powered by \$Projectname"] = "Questo sito è costrui
App::$strings["Federated and decentralised networking and identity services provided by Zot"] = "";
App::$strings["Version %s"] = "Versione %s";
App::$strings["Project homepage"] = "Homepage del progetto";
App::$strings["Developer homepage"] = "Homepege dello sviluppatore";
App::$strings["Developer homepage"] = "Homepage dello sviluppatore";
App::$strings["No ratings"] = "Nessuna valutazione";
App::$strings["Ratings"] = "Valutazioni";
App::$strings["Rating: "] = "Valutazione:";
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