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Hubzilla 3.8.8 (2018-12-22)
- Fix issue with linkinfo
- Fix cURL with HTTP/2
- Remove scale_external_images()
- Style highlight bbcode via css
- Make mod channel deal with b64 encoded mid's
- Fix email retrieval in OAuth2Storage
- Add reinstall option to util/addons
- Remove deprecated caching protection from mod photo
- Add missing check for observer in mod like
- Articles: default to logged in channel if channel name is not passed
- Wiki: fix preview issue with hyperlinks
- Cart: backport fixes from osada
- Gallery: provide file extensions for better compatibility
- Hsse: fix issue when linkinfo data was inserted
- Diaspora: remove deprecated scale_external_images()
Hubzilla 3.8.7 (2018-12-14)
- Fix issue with linkdropper in comment area
- Fix regression wit app ordering
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