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Hubzilla 3.8.2 (2018-10-29)
- Merge unmerged changes from dev into master
- Fix issues with forum handling in mod network and ping
- Fix delivery chain linkage messed up if original post was edited
- Fix issues with the experimental queue worker
- Fix call to image source {1} from html template
- Group stream filters by threaded and unthreaded default view
- Show only unseen forum messages when clicking on forum notification
- Improve editor contact autocomplete performance
- Convert non UTF-8 content on link embeding
- Make textcomplete return up to 100 items
- Look for for matches in the entire string when suggesting emojis
- Add [summary] bbcode to autocomplete list
- Update blueimp_upload to version 9.23
- Update spanish strings
- Cart: don't allow items to be added unless user is logged into the Grid.
- Pubcrawl: simplify asencode_activity() addressing to reflect upcoming changes in mastodon 2.6
- Rendezvous: Update rendezvous_group.tpl to fix broken Bootstrap library reference
Hubzilla 3.8.1 (2018-10-21)
- Fix issue with too long navbar banners
- Fix menu item edit link
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