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Hubzilla 3.6 (????-??-??)
- Update jquery.timeago library
- Implement Hookable CSP
- ActivityStreams: accept header changes to support plume
- Streamline inconsistencies in addon naming
- SECURITY: hash the session_id in logs
- Update justified gallery library
- Hide channel in /cloud root if channel is hidden in directory
- Add resend option to channel sources tp discard original author.
- Provide flag to exclude privacy groups for federation plugin use in collect_recipients()
- Upgrading from redmatrix is no longer supported
- Deal with htmlentity encoding during authentication workflow
- Rework mod group
- Make droping posts of removed connections more memory efficient
- Refactor getOutainfo() for DAV storage
- Optionally report total available space when uploading
- SECURITY: provide option to disable the cloud 'root' directory and make the cloud module require a target channel nickname
- Add plink and llink to viewsource
- Add new 'filter by name' feature
- Remove network tabs
- New activity filter widget
- New activity order widget
- Make menus editable by visitors with webpage write permissions
- Move forum notifications to notifications
- Move manage privacy groups to the panel channel menu
- Don't remove items that are starred, filed, or that you replied to when removing a connection
- Don't deliver local items more than once
- Make navbar search use the module search function in /network and /channel
- Paint the locks on private activitypub items red. Their privacy model is "slightly" different from hubzillas
- Improve new channel creation workflow
- Add hook 'get_system_apps'
- Implement reset button for jot
- Adjust accept header to make pleroma happy
- Provide a general purpose GDPR document
- Provide function to fetch photo contents from url
- Make get_default_profile_photo() pluggable
- Refactor tags/mentions
- Refactor autocomplete mechanism
- Display pubsites link in info area if invite only
- Add cancel button to editor
- Implement MessageFilter for pubstream and sourced messages
- Add supported protocols to siteinfo
- Allow pdf embeds
- Allow uninstall of plugins which no longer exists via cmdline tool
- Improve the homeinstall script
- Provide easy access to the autoperms setting for forum and repository channels
- Implement admin delete of files, photos and posts
- Allow a different username to be used when importing a channel
- Provide warnings about profile photo and cover photo permissions
- Set the 'force' flag on attach_mkdir when initiated from a DAV operation
- Fix double file uploads when dropping files into jot
- Fix jot collapsing when drag and drop to open jot
- Fix wrong album name when moving photos
- Fix wrong timestamp localization before first update in mod mail
- Fix post exiration not propagated to other networks (which support it)
- Fix sys channels visible in dirsearch
- Fix remote_self not working correctly
- Fix photos not syncing properly if destination is a postgres site
- Fix wrong hubloc_url for activitypub hublocs
- Fix z_check_dns() for BSD
- Fix not null violation in oauth1
- Fix DB issues with oauth2 on postgresql
- Fix 'anybody authenticated' not correctly handled in can_comment_on_post()
- Fix postgres issue if register mode is set to yes - with approval
- Fix tag search not finding articles
- Fix issue with mentions when markdown post addon is enabled
- Fix duplicate addressbook entries on repeated channel imports
- Cart: various display improvements
- Cart: make cart work with postgresql DB backend
- Cart: add new hzservice for service_classes
- Cart: add storewide currency settings
- Cart: provide channel app 'Shop' for cart addon
- Cart: implement order updating
- Cart: use CSP hook for paypals checkout.js
- Cart: provide a cancel mechanism for orders
- Cart: add paypal button
- Gallery: new addon to display photo albums with the photoswipe library
- Ldapauth: optionally auto create channel
- Pubcrawl: new setting to ignore ActivityPub recipients in privacy groups
- Diaspora: fix issue with displaying multiple photos
- Pubcrawl: provide plink
- Pubcrawl: hubloc_url should be baseurl, not actor url
- Pubcrawl: deliver restricted posts from hubzilla as direct messages (there is no other way to address only a subset of followers in mastodon)
- Pubcrawl: address comments to a restricted mastodon post to /followers
Hubzilla 3.4.2 (2018-07-19)
- Compatibility fix for future versions
Hubzilla 3.4.1 (2018-06-08)
- Say bye, bye to GitHub and move sourcecode repositories to #^
- When removing a connection, don't remove items that are starred, filed or replied to
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