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## Reporting Bugs
Each bug report MUST have a [JSFiddle/JSBin] recreation before any work can begin. [further instructions »](
## Requesting Features
Please search the [Issue Tracker] to see if your feature has already been requested, and if so, subscribe to it. Otherwise, read these [further instructions »](
## Contributing Features
The FullCalendar project welcomes [Pull Requests][Using Pull Requests] for new features, but because there are so many feature requests (over 100), and because every new feature requires refinement and maintenance, each PR will be prioritized against the project's other demands and might take a while to make it to an official release.
Furthermore, each new feature should be designed as robustly as possible and be useful beyond the immediate usecase it was initially designed for. Feel free to start a ticket discussing the feature's specs before coding.
## Contributing Bugfixes
In the description of your [Pull Request][Using Pull Requests], please include recreation steps for the bug as well as a [JSFiddle/JSBin] demo. Communicating the buggy behavior is a requirement before a merge can happen.
## Contributing Locales
Please edit the original files in the `locale/` directory. DO NOT edit anything in the `dist/` directory. The build system will responsible for merging FullCalendar's `locale/` data with the [MomentJS locale data].
## Other Ways to Contribute
[Read about other ways to contribute »](
## Getting Set Up
You will need [Git][git], [Node][node], and NPM installed. For clarification, please view the [jQuery readme][jq-readme], which requires a similar setup.
Also, you will need the [gulp-cli][gulp-cli] package installed globally (`-g`) on your system:
npm install -g gulp-cli
Then, clone FullCalendar's git repo:
git clone git://
Enter the directory and install FullCalendar's dependencies:
cd fullcalendar
npm install
## What to edit
When modifying files, please do not edit the generated or minified files in the `dist/` directory. Please edit the original `src/` files.
## Development Workflow
After you make code changes, you'll want to compile the JS/CSS so that it can be previewed from the tests and demos. You can either manually rebuild each time you make a change:
gulp dev
Or, you can run a script that automatically rebuilds whenever you save a source file:
gulp watch
When you are finished, run the following command to write the distributable files into the `./dist/` directory:
gulp dist
If you want to clean up the generated files, run:
gulp clean
## Style Guide
Please follow the [Google JavaScript Style Guide] as closely as possible. With the following exceptions:
if (true) {
else { // please put else, else if, and catch on a separate line
// please write one-line array literals with a one-space padding inside
var a = [ 1, 2, 3 ];
// please write one-line object literals with a one-space padding inside
var o = { a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 };
Other exceptions:
- please ignore anything about Google Closure Compiler or the `goog` library
- please do not write JSDoc comments
Notes about whitespace:
- **use *tabs* instead of spaces**
- separate functions with *2* blank lines
- separate logical blocks within functions with *1* blank line
Run the command line tool to automatically check your style:
gulp lint
## Before Submitting your Code
If you have edited code (including **tests** and **translations**) and would like to submit a pull request, please make sure you have done the following:
1. Conformed to the style guide (successfully run `gulp lint`)
2. Written automated tests. View the [Automated Test Readme]
[Issue Tracker]:
[Using Pull Requests]:
[MomentJS locale data]:
[Google JavaScript Style Guide]:
[Automated Test Readme]:
Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Shaw
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
"Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including
without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish,
distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to
permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to
the following conditions:
The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be
included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
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* FullCalendar v3.2.0 Print Stylesheet
* Docs & License:
* (c) 2017 Adam Shaw
* Include this stylesheet on your page to get a more printer-friendly calendar.
* When including this stylesheet, use the media='print' attribute of the <link> tag.
* Make sure to include this stylesheet IN ADDITION to the regular fullcalendar.css.
.fc {
max-width: 100% !important;
/* Global Event Restyling
.fc-event {
background: #fff !important;
color: #000 !important;
page-break-inside: avoid;
.fc-event .fc-resizer {
display: none;
/* Table & Day-Row Restyling
.fc th,
.fc td,
.fc hr,
.fc thead,
.fc tbody,
.fc-row {
border-color: #ccc !important;
background: #fff !important;
/* kill the overlaid, absolutely-positioned components */
/* common... */
/* for timegrid. within cells within table skeletons... */
.fc-helper-container {
display: none;
/* don't force a min-height on rows (for DayGrid) */
.fc tbody .fc-row {
height: auto !important; /* undo height that JS set in distributeHeight */
min-height: 0 !important; /* undo the min-height from each view's specific stylesheet */
.fc tbody .fc-row .fc-content-skeleton {
position: static; /* undo .fc-rigid */
padding-bottom: 0 !important; /* use a more border-friendly method for this... */
.fc tbody .fc-row .fc-content-skeleton tbody tr:last-child td { /* only works in newer browsers */
padding-bottom: 1em; /* space within the skeleton. also ensures min height in a way */
.fc tbody .fc-row .fc-content-skeleton table {
/* provides a min-height for the row, but only effective for IE, which exaggerates this value,
making it look more like 3em. for other browers, it will already be this tall */
height: 1em;
/* Undo month-view event limiting. Display all events and hide the "more" links
.fc-more {
display: none !important;
.fc tr.fc-limited {
display: table-row !important;
.fc td.fc-limited {
display: table-cell !important;
.fc-popover {
display: none; /* never display the "more.." popover in print mode */
/* TimeGrid Restyling
/* undo the min-height 100% trick used to fill the container's height */
.fc-time-grid {
min-height: 0 !important;
/* don't display the side axis at all ("all-day" and time cells) */
.fc-agenda-view .fc-axis {
display: none;
/* don't display the horizontal lines */
.fc-time-grid hr { /* this hr is used when height is underused and needs to be filled */
display: none !important; /* important overrides inline declaration */
/* let the container that holds the events be naturally positioned and create real height */
.fc-time-grid .fc-content-skeleton {
position: static;
/* in case there are no events, we still want some height */
.fc-time-grid .fc-content-skeleton table {
height: 4em;
/* kill the horizontal spacing made by the event container. event margins will be done below */
.fc-time-grid .fc-event-container {
margin: 0 !important;
/* TimeGrid *Event* Restyling
/* naturally position events, vertically stacking them */
.fc-time-grid .fc-event {
position: static !important;
margin: 3px 2px !important;
/* for events that continue to a future day, give the bottom border back */
.fc-time-grid .fc-event.fc-not-end {
border-bottom-width: 1px !important;
/* indicate the event continues via "..." text */
.fc-time-grid .fc-event.fc-not-end:after {
content: "...";
/* for events that are continuations from previous days, give the top border back */
.fc-time-grid .fc-event.fc-not-start {
border-top-width: 1px !important;
/* indicate the event is a continuation via "..." text */
.fc-time-grid .fc-event.fc-not-start:before {
content: "...";
/* time */
/* undo a previous declaration and let the time text span to a second line */
.fc-time-grid .fc-event .fc-time {
white-space: normal !important;
/* hide the the time that is normally displayed... */
.fc-time-grid .fc-event .fc-time span {
display: none;
/* ...replace it with a more verbose version (includes AM/PM) stored in an html attribute */
.fc-time-grid .fc-event .fc-time:after {
content: attr(data-full);
/* Vertical Scroller & Containers
/* kill the scrollbars and allow natural height */
.fc-day-grid-container, /* these divs might be assigned height, which we need to cleared */
.fc-time-grid-container { /* */
overflow: visible !important;
height: auto !important;
/* kill the horizontal border/padding used to compensate for scrollbars */
.fc-row {
border: 0 !important;
margin: 0 !important;
/* Button Controls
.fc button {
display: none; /* don't display any button-related controls */
* FullCalendar v3.2.0 Print Stylesheet
* Docs & License:
* (c) 2017 Adam Shaw
*/.fc-bg,.fc-bgevent-container,.fc-bgevent-skeleton,.fc-business-container,.fc-event .fc-resizer,.fc-helper-container,.fc-helper-skeleton,.fc-highlight-container,.fc-highlight-skeleton{display:none}.fc tbody .fc-row,.fc-time-grid{min-height:0!important}.fc-time-grid .fc-event.fc-not-end:after,.fc-time-grid .fc-event.fc-not-start:before{content:"..."}.fc{max-width:100%!important}.fc-event{background:#fff!important;color:#000!important;page-break-inside:avoid}.fc hr,.fc tbody,.fc td,.fc th,.fc thead,.fc-row{border-color:#ccc!important;background:#fff!important}.fc tbody .fc-row{height:auto!important}.fc tbody .fc-row .fc-content-skeleton{position:static;padding-bottom:0!important}.fc tbody .fc-row .fc-content-skeleton tbody tr:last-child td{padding-bottom:1em}.fc tbody .fc-row .fc-content-skeleton table{height:1em}.fc-more,.fc-more-cell{display:none!important}.fc tr.fc-limited{display:table-row!important}.fc td.fc-limited{display:table-cell!important}.fc-agenda-view .fc-axis,.fc-popover{display:none}.fc-slats,.fc-time-grid hr{display:none!important}.fc button,.fc-button-group,.fc-time-grid .fc-event .fc-time span{display:none}.fc-time-grid .fc-content-skeleton{position:static}.fc-time-grid .fc-content-skeleton table{height:4em}.fc-time-grid .fc-event-container{margin:0!important}.fc-time-grid .fc-event{position:static!important;margin:3px 2px!important}.fc-time-grid .fc-event.fc-not-end{border-bottom-width:1px!important}.fc-time-grid .fc-event.fc-not-start{border-top-width:1px!important}.fc-time-grid .fc-event .fc-time{white-space:normal!important}.fc-time-grid .fc-event .fc-time:after{content:attr(data-full)}.fc-day-grid-container,.fc-scroller,.fc-time-grid-container{overflow:visible!important;height:auto!important}.fc-row{border:0!important;margin:0!important}
\ No newline at end of file
* FullCalendar v3.2.0 Google Calendar Plugin
* Docs & License:
* (c) 2017 Adam Shaw
(function(factory) {
if (typeof define === 'function' && define.amd) {
define([ 'jquery' ], factory);
else if (typeof exports === 'object') { // Node/CommonJS
module.exports = factory(require('jquery'));
else {
})(function($) {
var API_BASE = '';
var FC = $.fullCalendar;
var applyAll = FC.applyAll;
FC.sourceNormalizers.push(function(sourceOptions) {
var googleCalendarId = sourceOptions.googleCalendarId;
var url = sourceOptions.url;
var match;
// if the Google Calendar ID hasn't been explicitly defined
if (!googleCalendarId && url) {
// detect if the ID was specified as a single string.
// will match calendars like "" in addition to person email calendars.
if (/^[^\/]+@([^\/\.]+\.)*(google|googlemail|gmail)\.com$/.test(url)) {
googleCalendarId = url;
// try to scrape it out of a V1 or V3 API feed URL
else if (
(match = /^https:\/\/\/calendar\/v3\/calendars\/([^\/]*)/.exec(url)) ||
(match = /^https?:\/\/\/calendar\/feeds\/([^\/]*)/.exec(url))
) {
googleCalendarId = decodeURIComponent(match[1]);
if (googleCalendarId) {
sourceOptions.googleCalendarId = googleCalendarId;
if (googleCalendarId) { // is this a Google Calendar?
// make each Google Calendar source uneditable by default
if (sourceOptions.editable == null) {
sourceOptions.editable = false;
// We want removeEventSource to work, but it won't know about the googleCalendarId primitive.
// Shoehorn it into the url, which will function as the unique primitive. Won't cause side effects.
// This hack is obsolete since 2.2.3, but keep it so this plugin file is compatible with old versions.
sourceOptions.url = googleCalendarId;
FC.sourceFetchers.push(function(sourceOptions, start, end, timezone) {
if (sourceOptions.googleCalendarId) {
return transformOptions(sourceOptions, start, end, timezone, this); // `this` is the calendar
function transformOptions(sourceOptions, start, end, timezone, calendar) {
var url = API_BASE + '/' + encodeURIComponent(sourceOptions.googleCalendarId) + '/events?callback=?'; // jsonp
var apiKey = sourceOptions.googleCalendarApiKey || calendar.options.googleCalendarApiKey;
var success = sourceOptions.success;
var data;
var timezoneArg; // populated when a specific timezone. escaped to Google's liking
function reportError(message, apiErrorObjs) {
var errorObjs = apiErrorObjs || [ { message: message } ]; // to be passed into error handlers
// call error handlers
(sourceOptions.googleCalendarError || $.noop).apply(calendar, errorObjs);
(calendar.options.googleCalendarError || $.noop).apply(calendar, errorObjs);
// print error to debug console
FC.warn.apply(null, [ message ].concat(apiErrorObjs || []));
if (!apiKey) {
reportError("Specify a googleCalendarApiKey. See");
return {}; // an empty source to use instead. won't fetch anything.
// The API expects an ISO8601 datetime with a time and timezone part.
// Since the calendar's timezone offset isn't always known, request the date in UTC and pad it by a day on each
// side, guaranteeing we will receive all events in the desired range, albeit a superset.
// .utc() will set a zone and give it a 00:00:00 time.
if (!start.hasZone()) {
start = start.clone().utc().add(-1, 'day');
if (!end.hasZone()) {
end = end.clone().utc().add(1, 'day');
// when sending timezone names to Google, only accepts underscores, not spaces
if (timezone && timezone != 'local') {
timezoneArg = timezone.replace(' ', '_');
data = $.extend({}, || {}, {
key: apiKey,
timeMin: start.format(),
timeMax: end.format(),
timeZone: timezoneArg,
singleEvents: true,
maxResults: 9999
return $.extend({}, sourceOptions, {
googleCalendarId: null, // prevents source-normalizing from happening again
url: url,
data: data,
startParam: false, // `false` omits this parameter. we already included it above
endParam: false, // same
timezoneParam: false, // same
success: function(data) {
var events = [];
var successArgs;
var successRes;
if (data.error) {
reportError('Google Calendar API: ' + data.error.message, data.error.errors);
else if (data.items) {
$.each(data.items, function(i, entry) {
var url = entry.htmlLink || null;
// make the URLs for each event show times in the correct timezone
if (timezoneArg && url !== null) {
url = injectQsComponent(url, 'ctz=' + timezoneArg);
title: entry.summary,
start: entry.start.dateTime ||, // try timed. will fall back to all-day
end: entry.end.dateTime ||, // same
url: url,
location: entry.location,
description: entry.description
// call the success handler(s) and allow it to return a new events array
successArgs = [ events ].concat(, 1)); // forward other jq args
successRes = applyAll(success, this, successArgs);
if ($.isArray(successRes)) {
return successRes;
return events;
// Injects a string like "arg=value" into the querystring of a URL
function injectQsComponent(url, component) {
// inject it after the querystring but before the fragment
return url.replace(/(\?.*?)?(#|$)/, function(whole, qs, hash) {
return (qs ? qs + '&' : '?') + component + hash;
* FullCalendar v3.2.0 Google Calendar Plugin
* Docs & License:
* (c) 2017 Adam Shaw
!function(e){"function"==typeof define&&define.amd?define(["jquery"],e):"object"==typeof exports?module.exports=e(require("jquery")):e(jQuery)}(function(e){function a(a,t,d,c,i){function s(o,r){var l=r||[{message:o}];(a.googleCalendarError||e.noop).apply(i,l),(i.options.googleCalendarError||e.noop).apply(i,l),n.warn.apply(null,[o].concat(r||[]))}var u,g,p=r+"/"+encodeURIComponent(a.googleCalendarId)+"/events?callback=?",m=a.googleCalendarApiKey||i.options.googleCalendarApiKey,f=a.success;return m?(t.hasZone()||(t=t.clone().utc().add(-1,"day")),d.hasZone()||(d=d.clone().utc().add(1,"day")),c&&"local"!=c&&(g=c.replace(" ","_")),u=e.extend({},||{},{key:m,timeMin:t.format(),timeMax:d.format(),timeZone:g,singleEvents:!0,maxResults:9999}),e.extend({},a,{googleCalendarId:null,url:p,data:u,startParam:!1,endParam:!1,timezoneParam:!1,success:function(a){var r,n,t=[];if(a.error)s("Google Calendar API: "+a.error.message,a.error.errors);else if(a.items&&(e.each(a.items,function(e,a){var r=a.htmlLink||null;g&&null!==r&&(r=o(r,"ctz="+g)),t.push({,title:a.summary,start:a.start.dateTime||,end:a.end.dateTime||,url:r,location:a.location,description:a.description})}),r=[t].concat(,1)),n=l(f,this,r),e.isArray(n)))return n;return t}})):(s("Specify a googleCalendarApiKey. See"),{})}function o(e,a){return e.replace(/(\?.*?)?(#|$)/,function(e,o,r){return(o?o+"&":"?")+a+r})}var r="",n=e.fullCalendar,l=n.applyAll;n.sourceNormalizers.push(function(e){var a,o=e.googleCalendarId,r=e.url;!o&&r&&(/^[^\/]+@([^\/\.]+\.)*(google|googlemail|gmail)\.com$/.test(r)?o=r:((a=/^https:\/\/\/calendar\/v3\/calendars\/([^\/]*)/.exec(r))||(a=/^https?:\/\/\/calendar\/feeds\/([^\/]*)/.exec(r)))&&(o=decodeURIComponent(a[1])),o&&(e.googleCalendarId=o)),o&&(null==e.editable&&(e.editable=!1),e.url=o)}),n.sourceFetchers.push(function(e,o,r,n){if(e.googleCalendarId)return a(e,o,r,n,this)})});
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