Commit 8fc48f2d authored by Zot's avatar Zot

add event resource_id to iconfig so Diaspora can search on it without looking inside JSON objects.

parent b6d34bff
......@@ -1200,6 +1200,13 @@ function event_store_item($arr, $event) {
// propagate the event resource_id so that posts containing it are easily searchable in downstream copies
// of the item which have not stored the actual event. Required for Diaspora event federation as Diaspora
// event_participation messages refer to the event resource_id as a parent, while out own event attendance
// activities refer to the item message_id as the parent.
set_iconfig($item_arr, 'system','event_id',$event['event_hash'],true);
$res = item_store($item_arr);
$item_id = $res['item_id'];
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