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Hubzilla 3.8.6 (2018-12-03)
- Prevent incompatible export files (osada/zap) from being imported
- Catch exception if readImageBlob() receives bogus data
- Streamline PDF previews
- Allow notification filtering by name or address
- Fix too restrictive attached photo permissions
- Update ES translation
- Use flex for the default template
- Do not store serialized pconfig value received via to Module/Pconfig.php
- Update jquery-file-upload lib and move to composer
- Update imagesloaded lib and move to composer
- Fix activitypub tag notifications
- Fix call to undefined function in PConfig
- Fix typo which prevented propagation of comments to zot6 (dev)
- Activitypub: add support for pterotype (wordpress plugin)
- Openstreetmap: check validity of lat+lon before rendering a map
Hubzilla 3.8.5 (2018-11-19)
- Fix pconfig for new installs
- Fix delayed publication of posts in combination with channel clones
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