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Merge branch 'dev' into 4.4RC

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Hubzilla 4.4 (2019-08-??)
- Replace plink URL with share tag if possible
- Catch and exclude trailing punctuation while URL embedding
- Do not limit channel if service class property value is set to zero
- Streamline keyId and creator/actor
- Add daemon_master_summon hook
- Serve static files directly if not caught by web server
- Update cacert.pem
- Calendar: allow different date/time format inputs
- Calendar: hide timezone select for allday events
⁻ Add opengraph meta info to channel page
- Begin directory migration to zot6
- Support zot and zot6 in social graph operations
- Lowlevel support for zot6 direct messages
- Consolidate HTTP signatures
- Allow api login by address or url
- Provide auto redirect from zot6 /item permalinks
- Export all items except photos in channel_export_items_date()
- Calendar: clicking a day or week number will now open the day or week view
- Remove cached photo location directory on delete if empty
- Include zot6 hubs in the Grid scope
- Fix os_path replace for thumbnails
- Avoid to process original images using storeThumbnail()
- Fix URLs on imported item taxonomy
- Fix admin not allowed to delete any item
- Fix webfiunger issue with URLs containing an @
- Fix missing object in emoji reactions
- Fix appschema to include diaspora:guid
- Fix zotfinger in update_directory_entry()
- Fix incorrect media type on links for photo objects
- Fix mid not dbesc'd in item_store()
- Fix calendar encoding issues
- twitter: various rendering improvements
- cavatar: fix wrong image mimetype
- gravatar: fix wrong image mimetype
- Add license file
- pubcrawl: make repeats render like wall to wall posts
- pubcrawl: fix pubcrawl_import_author() sometimes returning a non activitypub xchan
- pubcrawl: use Lib/Activity for taxonomy en/decoding
- pubcrawl: fix wrong uuid in like activity
- pubcrawl: fix issue with encoding hashtags
- openstreetmap: use https URLs by default
- queueworker: refactor and efficiency improvements
- pubcrawl: use unique IDs for follow and accept activities
- pubcrawl: implement thread completion
- pubcrawl: implement delete activity
- photocache: reduce the size of the photo cache subdirectories tree
- photocache: use html_entity_decode() for cached photo URL
- diaspora: fix possible issue with diaspora relay not initializing
Hubzilla 4.2.1 (2019-06-17)
- Deprecate mod events
- Revisit mod cal
......@@ -1574,7 +1574,7 @@ function format_hashtags(&$item) {
if(strpos($item['body'], $t['url']) || strpos($item['body'], '#' . $t['term']))
if(strpos($item['body'], $t['url']) || stripos($item['body'], '#' . $t['term']))
$s .= ' ';
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