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    command line connect utility. · b13fb1cc
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    Usage: util/connect uid|nick channel
    uid|nick must be a local channel. The target channel can be any channel. If a nick is supplied as a target it is assumed to refer to a channel on the localhost unless @host is provided. RSS feeds and remote networks can also be connected, assuming the appropriate protocols are already enabled for the local channel. If the target channel is a non-forum on the local system and you wish bi-directional communication to be enabled you will probably need to use a second connnect command with the source and target reversed.
    	util/connect bob marketing
    	Connects bob to the marketing channel
    	util/connect marketing bob
    	Connects the marketing channel to bob.
    	util/connect 6 channelone@macgirvin.com
    	Connects the channel with channel_id 6 to the Channel One public forum.
    	util/connect bob https://mysite.foo/feed.rss
    	Connects bob to an RSS feed if RSS feeds are allowed as connections on this site
    	util/connect bob jb@diasp.org
    	Connects bob to a diaspora account on diap.org (both the site and Bob's channel must previously have the Diaspora Protocol enabled).