1. 14 Apr, 2017 2 commits
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      Update SimplePie library. · b6459e61
      Klaus Weidenbach authored
      As a follow up to issue #699 update SimplePie from 1.2.1-dev (around
      6years old) to current git master (1.4.4-dev). We use the master branch
      until the next release because it contains our patch for enclosure
      titles already. The other patches in the library from us can be done by
      configuring the SimplePie object in our code instead.
      Used composer to manage this library and use class autoloading.
      Add some unit tests for include/feedutils.php, but the interesting parts
      are unfortunately not testable with the current code.
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      Merge pull request #716 from dawnbreak/docu · b4f65840
      Mario authored
      Some documentation for include/network.php and some fixes.
  2. 13 Apr, 2017 9 commits
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  9. 05 Apr, 2017 3 commits
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      we should probably stick to 0.875rem font-size (this is equal to 14px with a... · a4f6c242
      Mario authored
      we should probably stick to 0.875rem font-size (this is equal to 14px with a default browser setting of 16px) to give 90% of the members a nice desktop experience. The font-awesome icons are only rendered clean with 14px (and multiples) fontsize. They look somewhat unfocused with 16px font-size. The font-size setting has moved to display setting -> custom theme settings. Set it to 1rem there to use the slightly taller default browser size.
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      adjust font-size · 53853814
      Mario authored
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      update bd-dev and remove hotfix · fb31f629
      Mario authored
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