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Context help for cards

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<dd>Cards represent a persistent area for collaboration that is separate from the social stream. They are somewhat more lightweight than webpages and wikis for quick organisation of information and have the advantage of allowing collaboration and commentary. They are well suited for helping to organise complex tasks where there are frequent updates and feedback.
<dt>Add Card</dt>
Creating a new card is very similar to composing a new post.<br><br>
<b>Page link name</b>: The page link name is the name of the card for the static URL
<b>Title</b>: The title is displayed at the top of the card
<b>Categories</b>: If you have the <a href="/settings/features">Post Categories feature</a> enabled for your channel, then you can add categories to the card. These categories populate the <b>Categories</b> list on the left panel and allow filtering your collection of cards.
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