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HTMLPurifier library update
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......@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@
"sabre/dav" : "~3.2",
"michelf/php-markdown" : "^1.7",
"pixel418/markdownify": "^2.2",
"bshaffer/oauth2-server-php": "^1.9"
"bshaffer/oauth2-server-php": "^1.9",
"ezyang/htmlpurifier": "^4.9"
"require-dev" : {
"php" : ">=7.0",
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
"Read more about it at",
"This file is @generated automatically"
"content-hash": "9842014a99ac4e654bc7bfd6061d6f60",
"content-hash": "f1d40dcfbbb2f5364ad55235efaeb5ab",
"packages": [
"name": "bshaffer/oauth2-server-php",
......@@ -62,6 +62,53 @@
"time": "2017-01-06T23:20:00+00:00"
"name": "ezyang/htmlpurifier",
"version": "v4.9.2",
"source": {
"type": "git",
"url": "",
"reference": "6d50e5282afdfdfc3e0ff6d192aff56c5629b3d4"
"dist": {
"type": "zip",
"url": "",
"reference": "6d50e5282afdfdfc3e0ff6d192aff56c5629b3d4",
"shasum": ""
"require": {
"php": ">=5.2"
"require-dev": {
"simpletest/simpletest": "^1.1"
"type": "library",
"autoload": {
"psr-0": {
"HTMLPurifier": "library/"
"files": [
"notification-url": "",
"license": [
"authors": [
"name": "Edward Z. Yang",
"email": "",
"homepage": ""
"description": "Standards compliant HTML filter written in PHP",
"homepage": "",
"keywords": [
"time": "2017-03-13T06:30:53+00:00"
"name": "michelf/php-markdown",
"version": "1.7.0",
......@@ -122,13 +122,23 @@ function z_input_filter($channel_id,$s,$type = 'text/bbcode') {
* @brief Use HTMLPurifier to get standards compliant HTML.
* Use the <a href="" target="_blank">HTMLPurifier</a>
* library to get filtered and standards compliant HTML.
* @see HTMLPurifier
* @param string $s raw HTML
* @param boolean $allow_position allow CSS position
* @return string standards compliant filtered HTML
function purify_html($s, $allow_position = false) {
* @FIXME this function has html output, not bbcode - so safely purify these
* require_once('include/html2bbcode.php');
* $s = html2bb_video($s);
* $s = oembed_html2bbcode($s);
......@@ -137,6 +147,15 @@ function purify_html($s, $allow_position = false) {
$config->set('Cache.DefinitionImpl', null);
$config->set('Attr.EnableID', true);
// If enabled, target=blank attributes are added to all links.
//$config->set('HTML.TargetBlank', true);
//$config->set('Attr.AllowedFrameTargets', ['_blank', '_self', '_parent', '_top']);
// restore old behavior of HTMLPurifier < 4.8, only used when targets allowed at all
// do not add rel="noreferrer" to all links with target attributes
//$config->set('HTML.TargetNoreferrer', false);
// do not add noopener rel attributes to links which have a target attribute associated with them
//$config->set('HTML.TargetNoopener', false);
//Allow some custom data- attributes used by built-in libs.
//In this way members which do not have allowcode set can still use the built-in js libs in webpages to some extent.
......@@ -274,7 +293,6 @@ function purify_html($s, $allow_position = false) {
new HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_Length(),
new HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_Percentage()
$purifier = new HTMLPurifier($config);
......@@ -36,6 +36,10 @@ empty line above';
$this->assertEquals($html5elements, purify_html($html5elements));
$this->assertEquals('<button>button label</button>', purify_html('<button>button label</button>'));
// unsupported HTML5 elements
$this->assertEquals('Your HTML parser does not support HTML5 video.', purify_html('<video controls><source src="movie.ogg" type="video/ogg">Your HTML parser does not support HTML5 video.</video>'));
$this->assertEquals('Your HTML parser does not support HTML5 audio.', purify_html('<audio controls><source src="movie.ogg" "type="audio/ogg">Your HTML parser does not support HTML5 audio.</audio>'));
// preserve f6 and bootstrap additional data attributes from our own configuration
$this->assertEquals('<div data-title="title">text</div>', purify_html('<div data-title="title">text</div>'));
$this->assertEquals('<ul data-accordion-menu=""><li>item1</li></ul>', purify_html('<ul data-accordion-menu><li>item1</li></ul>'));
......@@ -51,6 +55,8 @@ empty line above';
$this->assertEquals('<a href="#">link with rel="nofollow"</a>', purify_html('<a href="#" rel="nofollow">link with rel="nofollow"</a>'));
$this->assertEquals('a b', purify_html('a&nbsp;b'));
$this->assertEquals('ä ä € €', purify_html('ä &auml; &euro; &#8364;'));
$this->assertEquals('<img src="picture.png" alt="text" />', purify_html('<img src="picture.png" alt="text">'));
$this->assertEquals('', purify_html('<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>'));
public function testPurifyHTML_js() {
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......@@ -13,4 +13,5 @@ return array(
'3569eecfeed3bcf0bad3c998a494ecb8' => $vendorDir . '/sabre/xml/lib/Deserializer/functions.php',
'93aa591bc4ca510c520999e34229ee79' => $vendorDir . '/sabre/xml/lib/Serializer/functions.php',
'ebdb698ed4152ae445614b69b5e4bb6a' => $vendorDir . '/sabre/http/lib/functions.php',
'2cffec82183ee1cea088009cef9a6fc3' => $vendorDir . '/ezyang/htmlpurifier/library/HTMLPurifier.composer.php',
......@@ -8,4 +8,5 @@ $baseDir = dirname($vendorDir);
return array(
'OAuth2' => array($vendorDir . '/bshaffer/oauth2-server-php/src'),
'Michelf' => array($vendorDir . '/michelf/php-markdown'),
'HTMLPurifier' => array($vendorDir . '/ezyang/htmlpurifier/library'),
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......@@ -634,5 +634,54 @@
"name": "ezyang/htmlpurifier",
"version": "v4.9.2",
"version_normalized": "",
"source": {
"type": "git",
"url": "",
"reference": "6d50e5282afdfdfc3e0ff6d192aff56c5629b3d4"
"dist": {
"type": "zip",
"url": "",
"reference": "6d50e5282afdfdfc3e0ff6d192aff56c5629b3d4",
"shasum": ""
"require": {
"php": ">=5.2"
"require-dev": {
"simpletest/simpletest": "^1.1"
"time": "2017-03-13T06:30:53+00:00",
"type": "library",
"installation-source": "dist",
"autoload": {
"psr-0": {
"HTMLPurifier": "library/"
"files": [
"notification-url": "",
"license": [
"authors": [
"name": "Edward Z. Yang",
"email": "",
"homepage": ""
"description": "Standards compliant HTML filter written in PHP",
"homepage": "",
"keywords": [
......@@ -15,10 +15,8 @@ with these contents.
1. Compatibility
HTML Purifier is PHP 5 only, and is actively tested from PHP 5.0.5 and
up. It has no core dependencies with other libraries. PHP
4 support was deprecated on December 31, 2007 with HTML Purifier 3.0.0.
HTML Purifier is not compatible with zend.ze1_compatibility_mode.
HTML Purifier is PHP 5 and PHP 7, and is actively tested from PHP 5.0.5
and up. It has no core dependencies with other libraries.
These optional extensions can enhance the capabilities of HTML Purifier:
......@@ -29,7 +27,10 @@ These optional extensions can enhance the capabilities of HTML Purifier:
These optional libraries can enhance the capabilities of HTML Purifier:
* CSSTidy : Clean CSS stylesheets using %Core.ExtractStyleBlocks
Note: You should use the modernized fork of CSSTidy available
* Net_IDNA2 (PEAR) : IRI support using %Core.EnableIDNA
Note: This is not necessary for PHP 5.3 or later
2. Reconnaissance
......@@ -305,11 +306,9 @@ appropriate permissions using:
chmod -R 0755 HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer
If the above command doesn't work, you may need to assign write permissions
to all. This may be necessary if your webserver runs as nobody, but is
not recommended since it means any other user can write files in the
directory. Use:
to group:
chmod -R 0777 HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer
chmod -R 0775 HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer
You can also chmod files via your FTP client; this option
is usually accessible by right clicking the corresponding directory and
Comment installer HTML Purifier
Attention : Ce document est encodé en UTF-8, si les lettres avec des accents
ne s'affichent pas, prenez un meilleur éditeur de texte.
L'installation de HTML Purifier est très simple, parce qu'il n'a pas besoin
de configuration. Pour les utilisateurs impatients, le code se trouve dans le
pied de page, mais je recommande de lire le document.
1. Compatibilité
HTML Purifier fonctionne avec PHP 5. PHP 5.0.5 est la dernière version testée.
Il ne dépend pas d'autres librairies.
Les extensions optionnelles sont iconv (généralement déjà installée) et tidy
(répendue aussi). Si vous utilisez UTF-8 et que vous ne voulez pas l'indentation,
vous pouvez utiliser HTML Purifier sans ces extensions.
2. Inclure la librairie
Quand vous devez l'utilisez, incluez le :
Ne pas l'inclure si ce n'est pas nécessaire, car HTML Purifier est lourd.
HTML Purifier utilise "autoload". Si vous avez défini la fonction __autoload,
vous devez ajouter cette fonction :
Plus d'informations dans le document "INSTALL".
3. Installation rapide
Si votre site Web est en UTF-8 et XHTML Transitional, utilisez :
$purificateur = new HTMLPurifier();
$html_propre = $purificateur->purify($html_a_purifier);
Sinon, utilisez :
$config = $HTMLPurifier_Config::createDefault();
$config->set('Core', 'Encoding', 'ISO-8859-1'); //Remplacez par votre
$config->set('Core', 'XHTML', true); //Remplacer par false si HTML 4.01
$purificateur = new HTMLPurifier($config);
$html_propre = $purificateur->purify($html_a_purifier);
vim: et sw=4 sts=4
......@@ -9,6 +9,96 @@ NEWS ( CHANGELOG and HISTORY ) HTMLPurifier
. Internal change
4.9.2, released 2017-03-12
- Fixes PHP 5.3 compatibility
- Fix breakage when decoding decimal entities. Thanks @rybakit (#129)
4.9.1, released 2017-03-08
! %URI.DefaultScheme can now be set to null, in which case
all relative paths are removed.
! New CSS properties: min-width, max-width, min-height, max-height (#94)
! Transparency (rgba) and hsl/hsla supported where color CSS is present.
Thanks @fxbt for contributing the patch. (#118)
- When idn_to_ascii is defined, we might accept malformed
hostnames. Apply validation to the result in such cases.
- Close directory when done in Serializer DefinitionCache (#100)
- Deleted some asserts to avoid linters from choking (#97)
- Rework Serializer cache behavior to avoid chmod'ing if possible (#32)
- Embedded semicolons in strings in CSS are now handled correctly!
- We accidentally dropped certain Unicode characters if there was
one or more invalid characters. This has been fixed, thanks
to mpyw <>
- Fix for "Don't truncate upon encountering </div> when using DOMLex"
caused a regression with HTML 4.01 Strict parsing with libxml 2.9.1
(and maybe later versions, but known OK with libxml 2.9.4). The
fix is to go about handling truncation a bit more cleverly so that
we can wrap with divs (sidestepping the bug) but slurping out the
rest of the text in case it ran off the end. (#78)
- Fix PREG_BACKTRACK_LIMIT_ERROR in HTMLPurifier_Filter_ExtractStyle.
Thanks @breathbath for contributing the report and fix (#120)
- Fix entity decoding algorithm to be more conservative about
decoding entities that are missing trailing semicolon.
To get old behavior, set %Core.LegacyEntityDecoder to true.
- Workaround libxml bug when HTML tags are embedded inside
script tags. To disable workaround set %Core.AggressivelyRemoveScript
to false. (#83)
# By default, when a link has a target attribute associated
with it, we now also add rel="noopener" in order to
prevent the new window from being able to overwrite
the original frame. To disable this protection,
set %HTML.TargetNoopener to FALSE.
4.9.0 was cut on Git but never properly released; when we did the
real release we decided to skip this version number.
4.8.0, released 2016-07-16
# By default, when a link has a target attribute associated
with it, we now also add rel="noreferrer" in order to
prevent the new window from being able to overwrite
the original frame. To disable this protection,
set %HTML.TargetNoreferrer to FALSE.
! Full PHP 7 compatibility, the test suite is ALL GO.
! %CSS.AllowDuplicates permits duplicate CSS properties.
! Support for 'tel' URIs.
! Partial support for 'border-radius' properties when %CSS.AllowProprietary is true.
The slash syntax, i.e., 'border-radius: 2em 1em 4em / 0.5em 3em' is not
yet supported.
! %Attr.ID.HTML5 turns on HTML5-style ID handling.
- alt truncation could result in malformed UTF-8 sequence. Don't
truncate. Thanks Brandon Farber for reporting.
- Linkify regex is smarter, based off of Gruber's regex.
- IDNA supported natively on PHP 5.3 and later.
- Non all-numeric top-level names (e.g., foo.1f, 1f) are now
- Minor bounds error fix to squash a PHP 7 notice.
- Support non-/tmp temporary directories for data:// validation
- Give a better error message when a user attempts to allow
ul/ol without allowing li.
- On some versions of PHP, the Serializer DefinitionCache could
infinite loop when the directory exists but is not listable. (#49)
- Don't match for <body> inside comments with
%Core.ConvertDocumentToFragment. (#67)
- SafeObject is now less case sensitive. (#57)
- AutoFormat.RemoveEmpty.Predicate now correctly renders in
web form. (#85)
4.7.0, released 2015-08-04
# opacity is now considered a "tricky" CSS property rather than a
proprietary one.
! %AutoFormat.RemoveEmpty.Predicate for specifying exactly when
an element should be considered "empty" (maybe preserve if it
has attributes), and modify iframe support so that the iframe
is removed if it is missing a src attribute. Thanks meeva for
- Don't truncate upon encountering </div> when using DOMLex. Thanks
Myrto Christina for finally convincing me to fix this.
- Update YouTube filter for new code.
- Fix parsing of rgb() values with spaces in them for 'border'
- Don't remove foo="" attributes if foo is a boolean attribute. Thanks
valME for reporting.
4.6.0, released 2013-11-30
# Secure URI munge hashing algorithm has changed to hash_hmac("sha256", $url, $secret).
Please update any verification scripts you may have.
HTML Purifier [![Build Status](](
HTML Purifier is an HTML filtering solution that uses a unique combination
of robust whitelists and agressive parsing to ensure that not only are
XSS attacks thwarted, but the resulting HTML is standards compliant.
HTML Purifier is oriented towards richly formatted documents from
untrusted sources that require CSS and a full tag-set. This library can
be configured to accept a more restrictive set of tags, but it won't be
as efficient as more bare-bones parsers. It will, however, do the job
right, which may be more important.
Places to go:
* See INSTALL for a quick installation guide
* See docs/ for developer-oriented documentation, code examples and
an in-depth installation guide.
* See WYSIWYG for information on editors like TinyMCE and FCKeditor
HTML Purifier can be found on the web at: [](
## Installation
Package available on [Composer](
If you're using Composer to manage dependencies, you can use
$ composer require "ezyang/htmlpurifier": "dev-master"
= KEY ====================
# Flagship
- Regular
? Maybe I'll Do It
If no interest is expressed for a feature that may require a considerable
amount of effort to implement, it may get endlessly delayed. Do not be
afraid to cast your vote for the next feature to be implemented!
Things to do as soon as possible:
- Think about allowing explicit order of operations hooks for transforms
- Fix "<.<" bug (trailing < is removed if not EOD)
- Build in better internal state dumps and debugging tools for remote
- Allowed/Allowed* have strange interactions when both set
? Transform lone embeds into object tags
- Deprecated config options that emit warnings when you set them (with'
a way of muting the warning if you really want to)
- Make HTML.Trusted work with Output.FlashCompat
- HTML.Trusted and HTML.SafeObject have funny interaction; general
problem is what to do when a module "supersedes" another
(see also tables and basic tables.) This is a little dicier
because HTML.SafeObject has some extra functionality that
trusted might find useful. See,5762,6100
4.9 release [OMG CONFIG PONIES]
! Fix Printer. It's from the old days when we didn't have decent XML classes
! Factor demo.php into a set of Printer classes, and then create a stub
file for users here (inside the actual HTML Purifier library)
- Fix error handling with form construction
- Do encoding validation in Printers, or at least, where user data comes in
- Config: Add examples to everything (make built-in which also automatically
gives output)
- Add "register" field to config schemas to eliminate dependence on
naming conventions (try to remember why we ultimately decided on tihs)
5.0 release [HTML 5]
# Swap out code to use html5lib tokenizer and tree-builder
! Allow turning off of FixNesting and required attribute insertion
5.1 release [It's All About Trust] (floating)
# Implement untrusted, dangerous elements/attributes
# Implement IDREF support (harder than it seems, since you cannot have
IDREFs to non-existent IDs)
- Implement <area> (client and server side image maps are blocking
on IDREF support)
# Frameset XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4.01 doctypes
- Figure out how to simultaneously set %CSS.Trusted and %HTML.Trusted (?)
5.2 release [Error'ed]
# Error logging for filtering/cleanup procedures
# Additional support for poorly written HTML
- Microsoft Word HTML cleaning (i.e. MsoNormal, but research essential!)
- Friendly strict handling of <address> (block -> <br>)
- XSS-attempt detection--certain errors are flagged XSS-like
- Append something to duplicate IDs so they're still usable (impl. note: the
dupe detector would also need to detect the suffix as well)
6.0 release [Beyond HTML]
# Legit token based CSS parsing (will require revamping almost every
AttrDef class). Probably will use CSSTidy
# More control over allowed CSS properties using a modularization
# IRI support (this includes IDN)
- Standardize token armor for all areas of processing
7.0 release [To XML and Beyond]
- Extended HTML capabilities based on namespacing and tag transforms (COMPLEX)
- Hooks for adding custom processors to custom namespaced tags and
attributes, offer default implementation
- Lots of documentation and samples
- More refactoring to take advantage of PHP5's facilities
- Refactor unit tests into lots of test methods
- Plugins for major CMSes (COMPLEX)
- phpBB
- Also, a FAQ for extension writers with HTML Purifier
- Smileys
- Syntax highlighting (with GeSHi) with <pre> and possibly <?php
- Look at for ideas
Neat feature related
! Support exporting configuration, so users can easily tweak settings
in the demo, and then copy-paste into their own setup
- Advanced URI filtering schemes (see docs/proposal-new-directives.txt)
- Allow scoped="scoped" attribute in <style> tags; may be troublesome
because regular CSS has no way of uniquely identifying nodes, so we'd
have to generate IDs
- Explain how to use HTML Purifier in non-PHP languages / create
a simple command line stub (or complicated?)
- Fixes for Firefox's inability to handle COL alignment props (Bug 915)
- Automatically add non-breaking spaces to empty table cells when
empty-cells:show is applied to have compatibility with Internet Explorer
- Table of Contents generation (XHTML Compiler might be reusable). May also
be out-of-band information.
- Full set of color keywords. Also, a way to add onto them without
finalizing the configuration object.
- Write a var_export and memcached DefinitionCache - Denis
- Built-in support for target="_blank" on all external links
- Convert RTL/LTR override characters to <bdo> tags, or vice versa on demand.
Also, enable disabling of directionality
? Externalize inline CSS to promote clean HTML, proposed by Sander Tekelenburg
? Remove redundant tags, ex. <u><u>Underlined</u></u>. Implementation notes:
1. Analyzing which tags to remove duplicants
2. Ensure attributes are merged into the parent tag
3. Extend the tag exclusion system to specify whether or not the
contents should be dropped or not (currently, there's code that could do
something like this if it didn't drop the inner text too.)
? Make AutoParagraph also support paragraph-izing double <br> tags, and not
just double newlines. This is kind of tough to do in the current framework,
though, and might be reasonably approximated by search replacing double <br>s
with newlines before running it through HTML Purifier.
Maintenance related (slightly boring)
# CHMOD install script for PEAR installs
! Factor out command line parser into its own class, and unit test it
- Reduce size of internal data-structures (esp. HTMLDefinition)
- Allow merging configurations. Thus,
a -> b -> default
c -> d -> default
a -> b -> c -> d -> default
Maybe allow more fine-grained tuning of this behavior. Alternatively,
encourage people to use short plist depths before building them up.
- Time PHPT tests
ChildDef related (very boring)
- Abstract ChildDef_BlockQuote to work with all elements that only
allow blocks in them, required or optional
- Implement lenient <ruby> child validation
- Non-lossy smart alternate character encoding transformations (unless
patch provided)
- Pretty-printing HTML: users can use Tidy on the output on entire page
- Native content compression, whitespace stripping: use gzip if this is
really important
vim: et sw=4 sts=4
\ No newline at end of file
HTML Purifier 4.9.x is a maintenance release, collecting a year
of accumulated bug fixes plus a few new features. New features
include support for min/max-width/height CSS, and rgba/hsl/hsla
in color specifications. Major bugfixes include improvements
in the Serializer cache to avoid chmod'ing directories, better
entity decoding (we won't accidentally encode entities that occur
in URLs) and rel="noopener" on links with target attributes,
to prevent them from overwriting the original frame.
4.9.0 was skipped due to a packaging problem; 4.9.2 fixes two
major regressions in PHP 5.3 support and entity decoding; no
other functional changes were applied.
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
HTML Purifier: A Pretty Good Fit for TinyMCE and FCKeditor
Javascript-based WYSIWYG editors, simply stated, are quite amazing. But I've
always been wary about using them due to security issues: they handle the
client-side magic, but once you've been served a piping hot load of unfiltered