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Hubzilla 2.8 (????-??-??)
- Redirect to be moderated items to /moderate
- Update notifications if notifications area remains open
- Create an actual logout module instead of relying on internal variables
- Add local_channel as a comanche condition variable
- Implement possibility to pin app-tray apps in the navbar via app category navbar_default
- Introduce custom navbars
- Re-implement single delivery
- Pdledit usability improvements
- Implement next generation notifications in right aside
- Implement single post view for /pubstream
- Make anonymous comments work in mod display
- Introduce notifications for unseen public stream posts (off by default)
- Preperatory work on Zot VI
- Add app for site admin
- Introduce experimental alternate channel_menu navigation (off by default)
- Introduce notifications for shared files
- Bring back notifications for account approvals
- Urlencode hashes from mod_acl
- Don't use chanlink_url() for feed mentions
- Design common friends widget to fit better in the app and move it to left aside
- Allow navbar to be used when cover photo is displayed in mod channel
- Implement admin setting to use imagick converter for large photos
- Process activity deletes from OStatus which for whatever reason do not use the industry standard tombstone mechanism
- Implement new css based spinner
- Move the link header initialisation from Router to Webserver
⁻ Extend activity_match() to work with arrays
- Updated the trusted CA cert database
- Ostatus - support likes of comments
- Provide ability to mention a forum by using !forumname as well as the traditional red style (@forumname+)
- Encrypt delivery reports (not backward compatible)
- Provide a space between link header params (draft-cavage-http-signatures-08)
- Turn common_friends into a widget
- Update to jquery-3.2.1
- Wiki pages sorted by name
- Create new hooks for permissions_accept and permissions_reject
- Provide rel=alternate link if no reshare content in post
- Add remote login button to login page
- DB update to add index to item.resource_id
- Implement wiki editing (name and acl)
- Provide a hook for importing a channel photo at channel creation time
- Implement wiki mimetype lock
- Bring back wiki downloads
- Add text/plain mimetype to wiki
- Implement per page mimetype selection for wikis
- Added english context help for apps and appman
- Implement owa (open web auth)
- Ignore diaspora_meta column on item import
- Check code permissions on cloud files
- Remove period from characters allowed in username
- Make comment highlighting more reliable
- Sign zot-info packets with httpsignatures
- Implement server to server magic auth
- Provide support for json-ld signatures
- Rewrite comment form open/close handling to be more reliable
- Radically reduce code duplication in updateConvItems()
- Remove discover tab in favour of the public stream app
- Apply autotime to all autotime classed elements when static loading a page
- Implement cards feature
- Extended support for help page translations including table of contents files at the top level
- Introduce util/dmkdir - a mkdir tool for DAV
- Various doco improvements
- Introduce util/dcp (DAV-copy) - copy file or directory from local system to Hubzilla
- Provide support for HTTPsig
- Implement mechanism for selective network following in protocol connectors (diaspora, ostatus, activitypub, zot, rss)
- Fix w2w posts not removed in contact_remove() - github issue #837
- Fix guests not having a unique (non-existent) url
- Fix mod register re-using the password
- Fix write_storage permission not checked in /display
- Fix discovery of moderated items in enotify
- Fix profile thing image not deleted when thing deleted - github issue #868
- Fix deletions to comments not synced on wall posts
- Fix community tags not preserved on post edit - github issue #865
- Fix profile photo propagation issue if the local xchan_photo_[l|m|s] fields were changed from the /photo/profile/l/n form to photo/[hash] form by a clone operation
- Fix lockstate and current permissions not handed over to editor in mod card_edit
- Fix profile edit dropdown for multiple profiles
- Fix affinity slider spinner
- Fix mod pubsites broken
- Fix directory server admin selection includes known dead sites
- Fix sticky-kit issue where the bottom of left aside was not visible when section content was short
- Fix possibility to set bogus my_address
- Fix deleting of wiki pages
- Fix selected theme not appearing selected after change - github issue #855
- Fix an issue where some encoded mids were not found in /display
- Fix issue with mentions and xchans with @ or /
- Fix webfinger returns invalid XML - github issue #851
- Fix last remaining task in tasklist was not removed from view when completed
Hubwall: Remove errant $1 string in sender name
Map federation protocols for zotinfo
Gnusoc: force ostatus profile photos to get refreshed monthly
Gnusoc: fix ostatus mention notifications
Gnusoc: unsubscribe to gnusoc feeds if connector is disabled
Phpmailer: not using load/unload
Gnusoc: don't provide some information if gnusoc is disabled by the channel
Diaspora: add a predelivery interval
Diaspora: support for likes on comments
Introduce the pubcrawl plugin - an unapologetically non-compliant ActivityPub Protocol implemention
Introduce gravatar plugin
Pubsubhubbub: produce much more compact PuSH feeds
Diaspora: support text comments on reshare posts
Diaspora: changes to delivery scenarios for the special handling of profile messages
Diaspora: put diaspora seed_location in json webfinger
Gnusoc: fix mis-attributed comments from mastodon
Gnusoc: allow discovery by url (not just reddress) and permit upgrade from 'unknown' network to gnusoc
Implement mechanism for selective network following in protocol connectors
Hubzilla 2.6.3 (2017-09-18)
- Fix anonymous comments/likes on photos - this is not yet implemented
- Fix favicon not displayed on certain pages
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