Commit 893cf538 authored by Max Kostikov's avatar Max Kostikov

Fix URL decode

parent 4b1763d3
......@@ -211,12 +211,12 @@ function twitter_shortenmsg($b) {
// Looking for the first image
$image = '';
if(preg_match("/\[[zi]mg(=[0-9]+x[0-9]+)?\]([^\[]+)/is", $body, $matches))
$image = $matches[2];
$image = html_entity_decode($matches[2]);
// Choose first URL
$link = '';
if (preg_match('/\[url=(https?\:\/\/[a-zA-Z0-9\:\/\-\?\&\;\.\=\_\~\#\%\$\!\+\,]+)\]/is', $body, $matches))
$link = $matches[1];
$link = html_entity_decode($matches[1]);
// Add some newlines so that the message could be cut better
$body = str_replace(array("[quote", "[/quote]"), array("\n[quote", "[/quote]\n"), $body);
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