Commit d5d6199c authored by Mario's avatar Mario
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pubcrawl: do not process follow/unfollw thread in as_create_note()

parent df2c0190
......@@ -1376,6 +1376,15 @@ function as_vid_sort($a,$b) {
function as_create_note($channel,$observer_hash,$act) {
// Within our family of projects, Follow/Unfollow of a thread is an internal activity which should not be transmitted,
// hence if we receive it - ignore or reject it.
// Unfollow is not defined by ActivityStreams, which prefers Undo->Follow.
// This may have to be revisited if AP projects start using Follow for objects other than actors.
if (in_array($act->type, [ 'Follow', 'Unfollow' ])) {
return false;
$s = [];
$announce = (($act->type === 'Announce') ? true : false);
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