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suppression de xscreensaver

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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ changelog 2.4
- passage à evince comme visionneuse de PDF par défaut (merci base10 & chalu)
- ajout de pavucontrol pour la gestion fine de pulseaudio
- nettoyage des dépôts et suppression des méta-paquets obsolètes
- suppression de xscreensaver
- developpeurs : team handylinux <>
- ...
# XScreenSaver Preferences File
# Written by xscreensaver-demo 5.30 for arp on Sat Apr 4 20:24:45 2015.
timeout: 0:10:00
cycle: 0:10:00
lock: False
lockTimeout: 0:01:00
passwdTimeout: 0:00:30
visualID: default
installColormap: True
verbose: False
timestamp: True
splash: False
splashDuration: 0:00:05
demoCommand: xscreensaver-demo
prefsCommand: xscreensaver-demo -prefs
nice: 10
memoryLimit: 0
fade: True
unfade: True
fadeSeconds: 0:00:03
fadeTicks: 20
captureStderr: True
font: *-medium-r-*-140-*-m-*
dpmsEnabled: True
dpmsQuickOff: False
dpmsStandby: 1:00:00
dpmsSuspend: 1:20:00
dpmsOff: 4:00:00
grabDesktopImages: False
grabVideoFrames: False
chooseRandomImages: True
imageDirectory: /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops
mode: one
selected: 142
textMode: date
textLiteral: XScreenSaver
textProgram: fortune
programs: \
maze -root \n\
- GL: superquadrics -root \n\
attraction -root \n\
blitspin -root \n\
greynetic -root \n\
helix -root \n\
hopalong -root \n\
imsmap -root \n\
- noseguy -root \n\
- pyro -root \n\
qix -root \n\
- rocks -root \n\
rorschach -root \n\
decayscreen -root \n\
flame -root \n\
halo -root \n\
slidescreen -root \n\
pedal -root \n\
bouboule -root \n\
- braid -root \n\
coral -root \n\
deco -root \n\
drift -root \n\
- fadeplot -root \n\
galaxy -root \n\
goop -root \n\
grav -root \n\
ifs -root \n\
- GL: jigsaw -root \n\
julia -root \n\
- kaleidescope -root \n\
- GL: moebius -root \n\
moire -root \n\
- GL: morph3d -root \n\
mountain -root \n\
munch -root \n\
penrose -root \n\
- GL: pipes -root \n\
rd-bomb -root \n\
- GL: rubik -root \n\
- sierpinski -root \n\
slip -root \n\
- GL: sproingies -root \n\
starfish -root \n\
strange -root \n\
swirl -root \n\
triangle -root \n\
xjack -root \n\
xlyap -root \n\
- GL: atlantis -root \n\
bsod -root \n\
- GL: bubble3d -root \n\
- GL: cage -root \n\
- crystal -root \n\
cynosure -root \n\
discrete -root \n\
distort -root \n\
epicycle -root \n\
flow -root \n\
- GL: glplanet -root \n\
interference -root \n\
kumppa -root \n\
- GL: lament -root \n\
moire2 -root \n\
- GL: sonar -root \n\
- GL: stairs -root \n\
truchet -root \n\
- vidwhacker -root \n\
blaster -root \n\
bumps -root \n\
ccurve -root \n\
compass -root \n\
deluxe -root \n\
- demon -root \n\
- GL: extrusion -root \n\
- loop -root \n\
penetrate -root \n\
petri -root \n\
phosphor -root \n\
- GL: pulsar -root \n\
ripples -root -delay 100000 -duration 93 \
-rate 100 -fluidity 16 -light 0 \n\
shadebobs -root \n\
- GL: sierpinski3d -root \n\
spotlight -root \n\
squiral -root \n\
wander -root \n\
- webcollage -root \n\
xflame -root \n\
xmatrix -root \n\
- GL: gflux -root \n\
- nerverot -root \n\
xrayswarm -root \n\
xspirograph -root \n\
- GL: circuit -root \n\
- GL: dangerball -root \n\
- GL: engine -root \n\
- GL: flipscreen3d -root \n\
- GL: gltext -root \n\
- GL: menger -root \n\
- GL: molecule -root \n\
rotzoomer -root \n\
speedmine -root \n\
- GL: starwars -root \n\
- GL: stonerview -root \n\
vermiculate -root \n\
whirlwindwarp -root \n\
zoom -root \n\
anemone -root \n\
apollonian -root \n\
- GL: boxed -root \n\
- GL: cubenetic -root \n\
- GL: endgame -root \n\
euler2d -root \n\
fluidballs -root \n\
- GL: flurry -root \n\
- GL: glblur -root \n\
- GL: glsnake -root \n\
halftone -root \n\
- GL: juggler3d -root \n\
- GL: lavalite -root \n\
- polyominoes -root \n\
- GL: queens -root \n\
- GL: sballs -root \n\
- GL: spheremonics -root \n\
- thornbird -root \n\
twang -root \n\
- GL: antspotlight -root \n\
apple2 -root \n\
- GL: atunnel -root \n\
barcode -root \n\
- GL: blinkbox -root \n\
- GL: blocktube -root \n\
- GL: bouncingcow -root \n\
cloudlife -root \n\
- GL: cubestorm -root \n\
eruption -root \n\
- GL: flipflop -root \n\
- GL: flyingtoasters -root \n\
fontglide -root \n\
- GL: gleidescope -root \n\
- GL: glknots -root \n\
- GL: glmatrix -root \n\
- GL: glslideshow -root \n\
- GL: hypertorus -root \n\
- GL: jigglypuff -root \n\
metaballs -root \n\
- GL: mirrorblob -root \n\
piecewise -root \n\
- GL: polytopes -root \n\
pong -root \n\
popsquares -root \n\
- GL: surfaces -root \n\
xanalogtv -root \n\
- abstractile -root \n\
anemotaxis -root \n\
- GL: antinspect -root \n\
fireworkx -root \n\
fuzzyflakes -root \n\
interaggregate -root \n\
intermomentary -root \n\
memscroller -root \n\
- GL: noof -root \n\
pacman -root \n\
- GL: pinion -root \n\
- GL: polyhedra -root \n\
- GL: providence -root \n\
substrate -root \n\
wormhole -root \n\
- GL: antmaze -root \n\
- GL: boing -root \n\
boxfit -root \n\
- GL: carousel -root \n\
celtic -root \n\
- GL: crackberg -root \n\
- GL: cube21 -root \n\
fiberlamp -root \n\
- GL: fliptext -root \n\
- GL: glhanoi -root \n\
- GL: tangram -root \n\
- GL: timetunnel -root \n\
- GL: glschool -root \n\
- GL: topblock -root \n\
- GL: cubicgrid -root \n\
cwaves -root \n\
- GL: gears -root \n\
- GL: glcells -root \n\
- GL: lockward -root \n\
m6502 -root \n\
- GL: moebiusgears -root \n\
- GL: voronoi -root \n\
- GL: hypnowheel -root \n\
- GL: klein -root \n\
- lcdscrub -root \n\
- GL: photopile -root \n\
- GL: skytentacles -root \n\
- GL: rubikblocks -root \n\
unicode -root \n\
- GL: companioncube -root \n\
- GL: hilbert -root \n\
- GL: tronbit -root \n\
GL: geodesic -root \n\
hexadrop -root \n\
GL: kaleidocycle -root \n\
GL: quasicrystal -root \n\
GL: unknownpleasures -root \n\
GL: projectiveplane -root \n\
tessellimage -root \n\
GL: winduprobot -root \n\
pointerPollTime: 0:00:05
pointerHysteresis: 10
initialDelay: 0:00:00
procInterrupts: True
xinputExtensionDev: False
overlayStderr: True
authWarningSlack: 20
......@@ -41,9 +41,6 @@ xarchiver dtrx zip p7zip-full
dosfstools ntfs-3g ntfs-config mtools e2fsprogs gnome-disk-utility gparted gpart
fusesmb gvfs gvfs-bin gvfs-fuse gvfs-backends
## screensaver
xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl xscreensaver-gl-extra
## nonfree
flashplugin-nonfree firmware-b43-installer firmware-b43legacy-installer
b43-fwcutter firmware-linux firmware-linux-nonfree alsa-firmware-loaders firmware-ralink
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