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Simplifying permissions on exercises.

parent edc52e83
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ class ExercisePermission(permissions.DjangoModelPermissions):
def has_object_permission(self, request, view, obj):
return super().has_permission(request, view) or (
return request.user.is_superuser or (
request.user.is_authenticated and obj.author == request.user
......@@ -260,25 +260,14 @@ class ExerciseViewSet(viewsets.ModelViewSet):
per instance. This is so exercises owner can see / edit their check.
kwargs["context"] = self.get_serializer_context()
if (
not instance
or instance.author == self.request.user
or self.request.user.is_superuser
return ExerciseSerializer(instance, *args, **kwargs)
return ExerciseSerializer(
instance, *args, **kwargs, fields={"url", "title", "wording"}
def get_queryset(self):
queryset = super().get_queryset()
if self.request.user.is_superuser:
return queryset
if self.request.user.is_authenticated:
return queryset.filter(
Q(is_published=True) | Q(author_id=self.request.user.id)
if self.action == "list":
return ExerciseSerializer(
fields=("url", "title", "wording", "is_published", "category")
return queryset.filter(is_published=True)
return ExerciseSerializer(instance, *args, **kwargs)
router = routers.DefaultRouter()
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