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Update 'Dependencies' section

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......@@ -560,9 +560,15 @@ It is possible to change this behavior using `-a` flag with one of the following
- **mawk**
- **tar**
**unzip** and **compress** commands are required when using the respective archive formats **.zip** and **.tar.Z**.
Additionally, the following packages providing compression programs are required depending of the archive format used:
Additionally **wget**, **curl** or **aria2** package is required when using archive download feature.
- **gzip**: .tar.gz .tgz
- **bzip2**: .tar.bz2 .tbz2
- **unzip**: .zip
- **xz**: .tar.xz
- **compress**: .tar.Z
Moreover, **wget**, **curl** or **aria2** package is needed when using archive download feature.
Finally, if installed, **xdg-utils** package will be used to filter executables when creating links.
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