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See online manual:
Development version from git
Using npm, only 2 commands are now required to build the assets after running composer :
npm install
npm run build
Once these commands have been run, here is the list of useful commands in the development process :
npm run clean (removes every dependencies, including composer ones)
npm run install-deps (install all dependencies, including composer ones, and cleaning first)
npm run build (build the assets without installing the dependencies ; shorter equivalent is gulp)
npm run rebuild (all the tasks above at once)
npm run watch (launch the required tasks automatically when modifying the corresponding files, and syncs the changes in the browser when build is done ; shorter equivalent is gulp watch)
Gulp tasks can still be run individually if required :
gulp clean (clean the assets only)
gulp theme (copy Galette's semantic theme in Semantic's src folder ; required before using Semantic's tasks)
gulp styles (build CSS bundles ; only one for the moment)
gulp scripts (build JS bundles)
gulp extras (copy required extra assets)
gulp (all the tasks above at once and shorter equivalent of npm run build)
gulp watch (shorter equivalent of npm run watch)
And Semantic/Fomantic's tasks can be launched from the root of the repository too (their names must not be modified) :
gulp build-css
gulp build-javascript
gulp build-assets
gulp 'build ui' (all the tasks above at once)
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