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    Add cmake-fac draft as submodule · 379b8b14
    gagbo authored
    Note : if I have already set a repo correctly in the good place within
    the parent repo I can :
    - init and push the submodule to its remote sub_origin
    - go back to the parent repo's root
    - run `git submodule add sub_origin_URL path_to_submodule_root
    And git-submodule will be smart enough to not clone anything and just
    update the commit address.
    This is *very* useful because I can then set the default push_remote as
    a SSH address in the submodule (so no logging in while developing) but
    I can also set the submodule URL as a http address, so other users
    cloning won't be a big deal
    (I also could have used relative paths if my repos were stored on the
    same online forge, but this is not the case here)