Commit 2d57f390 authored by Francesco Witz's avatar Francesco Witz
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Merge branch 'fix' into 'main'

fix: regex pattern matching for formated commit scrapping

See merge request !7
parents feb6d53a 8deffd3f
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ def get_formatted_commits(version: str) -> list[Commit]:
if not 'Merge' in line:
elem = line.split('/') # Splitting element
format_pattern = re.compile("[a-z]+:(\s|\S)(?:[a-z]+(\s|\S))+")
if format_pattern.match(elem):
if format_pattern.match(elem[1]):
temp = elem[1].split(':') # Splitting commit type and commit subject
if len(temp) == 2:
elem[1] = temp[0]
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