Commit 9cbb8894 authored by wmayer's avatar wmayer
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Improve algorithm to check intersection of axis and sketch

parent 043dc604
......@@ -572,14 +572,26 @@ const bool SketchBased::checkLineCrossesFace(const gp_Lin &line, const TopoDS_Fa
BRepExtrema_SupportType type = distss.SupportTypeShape1(i);
if (type == BRepExtrema_IsOnEdge) {
//This further check is not really needed
return true;
TopoDS_Edge edge = TopoDS::Edge(distss.SupportOnShape1(i));
BRepAdaptor_Curve adapt(edge);
// create a plane (pnt,dir) that goes through the intersection point and is built of
// the vectors of the sketch normal and the rotation axis
const gp_Dir& normal = BRepAdaptor_Surface(face).Plane().Axis().Direction();
gp_Dir dir = line.Direction().Crossed(normal);
gp_Pnt pnt = distss.PointOnShape1(i);
Standard_Real t;
distss.ParOnEdgeS1(i, t);
if (t > adapt.FirstParameter() && t < adapt.LastParameter()) {
gp_Pnt p_eps1 = adapt.Value(std::max<double>(adapt.FirstParameter(), t-10*Precision::Confusion()));
gp_Pnt p_eps2 = adapt.Value(std::min<double>(adapt.LastParameter(), t+10*Precision::Confusion()));
// now check if we get a change in the sign of the distances
Standard_Real dist_p_eps1_pnt = gp_Vec(p_eps1, pnt).Dot(gp_Vec(dir));
Standard_Real dist_p_eps2_pnt = gp_Vec(p_eps2, pnt).Dot(gp_Vec(dir));
// distance to the plane must be noticable
if (fabs(dist_p_eps1_pnt) > 5*Precision::Confusion() &&
fabs(dist_p_eps2_pnt) > 5*Precision::Confusion()) {
if (dist_p_eps1_pnt * dist_p_eps2_pnt < 0)
return true;
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