Commit 7a0bc376 authored by wmayer's avatar wmayer
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check for valid vertexes when measuring angles between two edges

parent f8eca0f9
......@@ -1521,8 +1521,12 @@ PartGui::VectorAdapter PartGui::TaskMeasureAngular::buildAdapter(const PartGui::
return VectorAdapter();
TopoDS_Edge edge = TopoDS::Edge(edgeShape);
// make edge orientation so that end of edge closest to pick is head of vector.
gp_Vec firstPoint = PartGui::convert(TopExp::FirstVertex(edge, Standard_True));
gp_Vec lastPoint = PartGui::convert(TopExp::LastVertex(edge, Standard_True));
TopoDS_Vertex firstVertex = TopExp::FirstVertex(edge, Standard_True);
TopoDS_Vertex lastVertex = TopExp::LastVertex(edge, Standard_True);
if (firstVertex.IsNull() || lastVertex.IsNull())
return VectorAdapter();
gp_Vec firstPoint = PartGui::convert(firstVertex);
gp_Vec lastPoint = PartGui::convert(lastVertex);
gp_Vec pickPoint(current.x, current.y, current.z);
double firstDistance = (firstPoint - pickPoint).Magnitude();
double lastDistance = (lastPoint - pickPoint).Magnitude();
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