Commit 546ab0fe authored by wmayer's avatar wmayer
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Fix box selection in sketcher

parent f4ff92ce
......@@ -1464,12 +1464,8 @@ void ViewProviderSketch::doBoxSelection(const SbVec2s &startPos, const SbVec2s &
Gui::ViewVolumeProjection proj(viewer->getCamera()->getViewVolume());
App::Document* doc = App::GetApplication().getActiveDocument();
Sketcher::SketchObject *sketchObject = NULL;
if (doc)
sketchObject = dynamic_cast<Sketcher::SketchObject *>(doc->getActiveObject());
if (!sketchObject)
Sketcher::SketchObject *sketchObject = getSketchObject();
App::Document *doc = sketchObject->getDocument();
Base::Placement Plm = sketchObject->Placement.getValue();
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