Commit 71ecc4aa authored by Jonathan Wiedemann's avatar Jonathan Wiedemann
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Finally checking version look operationnal

parent 85560377
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ import FreeCAD as app
import FreeCADGui as gui
MOOC_VERSION = 'V0.1.0a'
moocWBpath = os.path.dirname(moocwb_locator.__file__)
moocWBpath_medias = os.path.join(moocWBpath, 'medias')
......@@ -93,8 +93,10 @@ class MoocWorkbench ( Workbench ):
print('Please update Mooc Workbench !')
from PySide2 import QtWidgets
reply = QtWidgets.QMessageBox.information(None, u"Test",
reply = QtWidgets.QMessageBox.information(None, u"/!\ Mise à jour nécessaire... /!\",
u'''Votre version de l'atelier MOOC est obsolète.\nMerci de le mettre à jour à l'aide de l'addon manager.''')
# only check the first occurence
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